This file contains all of the delivery schedules for items that the Control Point wishes to distribute on a request. For each item of a request, they can distribute by date, quantity, Sub-Control Point and/or Delivery Point. This file contains all delivery schedules for each item of a request for a repetitive, non-repetitive or a non-repetitive/repetitive form type. If the Sub-Control Point is entered, the dollar amount of the item's cost is calculated for that Sub-Control Point and all delivery schedules' cost distribution to Sub-Control Points is totaled and the Sub-Control Point Multiple of the request is updated with the Sub-Control Point and its associated dollar amount. If the distributed quantities and the request's transaction dollar amount matches, then entry into the Sub-Control Point Multiple is not required. When the Control Point Official signs the request, this delivery schedule's Sub-Control Point dollar amount distribution updates the Sub-Control Point Balance.
.01reference(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the reference for the delivery schedule used by the Control Point Clerk. It is associated with delivery schedules for each item of a request for repetitive, non-repetitive, or a non-repetitive/ repetitive form type. File #410.6 is pointed to by the Delivery Reference Number field (#1) of the Delivery Schedule sub-field (#410.212) of the Item sub-field (#410.02) of the Control Point Activity file, #410.
1delivery date0;2DATE-TIMEThis is the delivery date.
2location0;3POINTER410.8This is the delivery location.
3qty to be delivered(+)0;4NUMERICThis is the quantity of items to be delivered.
4sub-control point0;5POINTER410.4This is the sub-control point which purchased the items.
5qty received0;6NUMERICThis is the quantity of items received.
6date received0;7DATE-TIMEThis is the date the items were received.

Not Referenced