This file contains information pertaining to incorrectly converted FMS VENDOR UPDATE. This file is populated during the IFCAP vendor conversion process when a record can not be properly converted. properly converted.
.01discrepancy id(+)0;1NUMERICBThis Discrepancy ID is just a number to identify this error record.
1date & time of error0;2DATE-TIMEThis is the date/time, in FileMan format, when the VENDOR conversion error occurred.
2user0;3POINTER200This is the user, DUZ, who is running this VENDOR conversion.
3record number (423.6)0;4POINTER423.6The entry in file 423.6 that has the FMS segment that errored out. File 423.6 is where the FMS server placed the VENDOR Conversion transaction.
4line number (423.6)0;5NUMERICThis is the line number within the record in file 423.6. This record is entered in response to an incoming MailMan message addressed to the FMS server.
5fms field0;6FREE TEXTThis is the field within the CVU segment of the IFCAP vendor conversion that made this error appear. There may be nothing wrong with this field. Look at the ERROR field to see what is wrong.
6error0;7POINTER411.4This is an error message pointer. The error codes are found in file 411.4.
7entry point of program0;8FREE TEXTThis is the line label within a routine. For the VENDOR conversion it is not used.
8conversion program name0;9FREE TEXTThis is the name of a routine. For VENDOR conversion this field is not used.
9fms conversion transaction0;10FREE TEXTThis is the name of the FMS segment with the error. See the error field to find out what is actually wrong.
10442 record0;11FREE TEXTThis field holds the INTERNAL ENTRY NUMBER of the last record in file 442 that was converted.
11record count0;12NUMERICThis is the number of records entered into this file during the conversion process.
12record number (442)0;13POINTER442The internal entry number in File 442 that caused the error.

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