This file will contain the non-expendable equipment requests for all stages of the request process.
.001number11Internal number for each equipment request.
.01transaction number(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the temporary transaction number that is calculated based on the facility number, the CMR Official, the fiscal year and a sequential number.
1requestor0;2POINTER200This is the person who initiates the request. It defaults from the DUZ number.
2requesting service0;3POINTER49AEThis is the requestor's service that is calculated from their entry in the New Person file.
3request date/time0;4DATE-TIMEThis is the actual date and time that the request was initialized. This automatically defaults from the current date and time when the request is being entered.
4station number0;5POINTER411This is the station number that will automatically default if there is only one station numer otherwise, the requestor will be prompted for it.
4.5cmr0;16POINTER6914.1This is the CMR number who will ultimately be responsible for the equipment when ordered and received.
5cmr responsible official0;6POINTER200ADThis is the person who is associated with a particular CMR. This is defaulted when a CMR is selected and all messages will be directed to this person.
6request status0;7POINTER413.5ACThis is the status of the request. It is set at the completion of each step of the process.
7status date0;8DATE-TIMEThis date is automatically set whenever the status on a request changes. It is the date that status was applied to the request.
8request type(+)0;9SET OF CODESA:ADDITIONAL
There are three type of requests. Each request type may ask some different front-end questions. Replacement type will also create an accompanying turn-in request.
9project number0;10FREE TEXT The principal identifier of entries in the CONSTRUCTION PROJECT file. Format should be either 'SSS-NNN' or 'SSS-YY-NNN'; where SSS is the facility number and NNN is a sequential project number. YY is usually the fiscal year in which an NRM request is submitted, but may also be used for a two-character alphabetic project category designation. Note that the facility number need not always be the number of the VAMC. For example, if you are reporting on a National Cemetery project the first 3 digits will generally be the facility number of the National Cemetery itself. If you have questions about official project numbers, please consult your Project Manager in the Region.
9.1project manager0;17POINTER200The person in charge of a particular project if a project number was entered.
10turn-in request0;11POINTER413.1This points to the accompanying turn-in request from the turn-in request file (413.1). The request and the turn-in are tied to each other.
11requestor phone0;12FREE TEXTThis is the phone number of the requestor and should default from new person file.
12date required by(+)0;13DATE-TIMEThis date is required for a 2237.
13sort0;14POINTER410.7This Sort Group field may be used to group together all transactions (requests) that relate to a specific project, work order, investigator, food group, doctor, etc. This is the previous 'Project Number' field.
14classification0;15POINTER410.2This Classification of Request field allows you to classify and/or categorize all transactions (requests) for supplies, services, etc.
15line item number1;0MULTIPLE413.015This is a item that is being entered for the request.
16change in personnel(+)2;1BOOLEANY:YES
If any change in personnel is needed because of the acquisition of this item, either more people needed or less.
17jcaho,cap,safety deficiency(+)2;2BOOLEANY:YES
This should be answered if there is any special safety considerations with requesting this equipment.
18change in recurring costs(+)2;3SET OF CODESI:INCREASE
This should indicate whether there are any savings by acquiring this equipment or increased costs. If other than no change, some other questions will be asked.
19sufficient funds budgeted?(+)2;4BOOLEANY:YES
If there is an increase in recurring costs, the requestor should indicate whether sufficients funds have been budgeted for this item.
20annual recurring supply cost(+)2;5NUMERICAny supply costs that may need to be budgeted for the future if this is acquired.
21training needed?(+)2;6BOOLEANY:YES
By ordering this equipment, whether new training will be needed to use it.
22est. training cost2;7NUMERICA estimated cost of any training needed.
23maint. contract recommended(+)2;8BOOLEANY:YES
Do you think that a maintenance contract on the equipment that you are requesting would be desirable?
24maint. contract cost(+)2;9NUMERICAny estimated maintenance cost if a maintenance contract is obtained for this equipment.
25space available?(+)2;10BOOLEANY:YES
Do you presently have sufficient space to accommodate the equipment that you are requesting?
26location2;11FREE TEXTThe exact location of the proposed equipment. Try to format your response as ROOM-BUILDING-DIVISION (if applicable). If the requested equipment is portable and subject to use in many different locations, please enter PORTABLE instead of a physical location.
26.5space file ptr.2;19POINTER6928If a location was selected from the Space file, the internal pointer number will be filed here. User doesn't see this.
27installation needed?(+)2;12BOOLEANY:YES
This question must be answered 'Yes' if the Engineering Department must install any of the equipment in the request when it has been ordered and received.
28utilities required3;0MULTIPLE413.028This field is to tell Engineering what kind of work might be needed to install this equipment when received so they can allocate their resources.
29other utilities2;13FREE TEXTExplain what you had in mind when you selected 'Other' as a required utility.
30service contact2;14POINTER200This is a person other than the requestor that the CMR Official or Personal Property Manager may refer back to for further questions.
31service contact phone2;15FREE TEXTThis phone number is triggered from the OFFICE PHONE field of the NEW PERSON File (#200).
32cmr official approval(+)2;16BOOLEANY:YES
If the primary CMR Responsible Official does not approve a request, the request will be returned to the requestor.
33chief supply approval8;4BOOLEANY:YES
The Chief of Supply should indicate whether the request is approved or not. If the request is not approved, it will be returned to the requestor.
34cmr priority2;18NUMERICThis priority lets the Personal Property Manager (PPM) have some idea of what items might be considered more critical. It will also help the Equipment Committee during its' review process.
35nx equipment?(+)4;1BOOLEANY:YES
The Personal Property Manager (PPM) makes the final determination on whether the equipment being requested is really considered items for CMR responsibility.
36controlled item?(+)4;2BOOLEANY:YES
The Personal Property Manager (PPM) has a list of criteria that determines whether equipment is considered controlled or not. If equipment being requested is considered controlled, it must go through Central Office approval process before continuing on to the Equipment Committee.
37short description0;18FREE TEXTThis field is taking the first 20 characters of the line item description (which is a word-processing field) and setting that into a single field for reports.
45concurrence needed?(+)4;11BOOLEANY:YES
If other users in the facility may be affected by the purchase of the requested items, then answering 'Yes' to this question will provide the selected concurring officials the chance to review and decide on approval of the request.
46concurring officials5;0MULTIPLE413.046This can be other persons selected to review the request.
47equipment committee status6;1SET OF CODESDD:Disapproved
AP:Approved-Pending Funds
This is the final status determined by the Equipment Committee for this request.
48equip. committee status date6;2DATE-TIMEThis is the date that the Equipment Committee's final disposition of the request was made. This will be set automatically when the status is filed.
49equipment committee ranking6;3NUMERICEThe ranking of request is temporary assigned so that the Equipment Committee may review requests based on the importance of the request actually being purchased.
502237 number6;4POINTER410This is the 2237 number that is assigned when a request has been approved by the Equipment Committee and a 2237 has been created from the request.
52eng. maintenance training(+)7;1BOOLEANY:YES
Will additional maintenance training be required for Engineering personnel if the proposed equipment is acquired?
53eng. training tuition7;2NUMERICThe total cost of tuition for all required maintenance training. If necessary to train two (2) employees at an estimated cost of $1000, please enter 2000.
54eng. training travel cost7;3NUMERICIf the required maintenance training includes travel costs, please enter that amount.
55eng. training vendor7;4FREE TEXTThe potential vendor who will be conducting the maintenance training.
55.5eng train vendor ptr7;16POINTER440This is the training vendor pointer if the vendor exists in the IFCAP Vendor file.
56eng. training location7;5FREE TEXTThe location where the maintenance training will take place.
Please say yes if any special construction or renovation needs to be completed before the installation of any equipment in this request.
58project needed?7;7BOOLEANY:YES
Is it necessary that a project be submitted and approved in order to accomplish the necessary construction or renovation?
59eng. project #7;8FREE TEXT The principal identifier of entries in the CONSTRUCTION PROJECT file. Format should be either 'SSS-NNN' or 'SSS-YY-NNN'; where SSS is the facility number and NNN is a sequential project number. YY is usually the fiscal year in which an NRM request is submitted, but may also be used for a two-character alphabetic project category designation.
60construction/renovation cost7;9NUMERICEstimated cost of necessary construction or renovation work. Be careful to include costs (if any) that are accounted for in your estimate of SPECIAL INSTALLATION COST.
61construction/renovation time7;10FREE TEXTApproximate number of calendar days that would be required for completion of any necessary construction or renovation work.
62special installation(+)7;11BOOLEANY:YES
Will Engineering Service need to provide any special assistance in order for the requested equipment to be installed and made operational? Some common examples of special installation requirements might include utility connections (other than connection of regular electrical power), minor alterations to casework, and temporary removal of doors or windows. Incoming inspections to assure that specifications are met prior to initial use are normally performed on all new equipment. These routine inspections should not be considered as special installation requirements.
63special installation cost7;12NUMERICEstimated cost of performing the work actions described under SPECIAL INSTALLATION DESCRIPTION. Be carefule not to include costs (if any) that are accounted for under CONSTRUCTION/RENOVATION COST.
64additional test equip.(+)7;13BOOLEANY:YES
Will Engineering Service need to purchase or lease any additional test equipment if the requested NX equipment is acquired?
65additional test equip. cost7;14NUMERICThe approximate cost of additional test equipment that will need to be purchased if the requested NX equipment is acquired. In the case of test equipment that will be leased or rented, please include the rental(s) in your estimate of MAINTENANCE IMPACT COST, or MAINTENANCE CONTRACT COSTS (whichever applies).
66maintenance impact cost7;15NUMERICEstimated cost of all costs that would be required to maintain the requested equipment for a period of one year.
67engineering contact8;7POINTER200The Engineering Service employee who should be contacted if additional information is required concerning this Engineering Equipment Review.
68engineering contact phone8;8FREE TEXTThe telephone number of the ENGINEERING CONTACT PERSON.
69total engineering est. costCOMPUTEDThis estimated cost is computed from the following costs that the Engineering department may have entered for this request: training tuition, training travel, construction/renovation, special installation, additional test equipment, and maintenance impact.
70eng. maintenance contract8;6BOOLEANY:YES
Would Engineering Service favor a maintenance contract for the NX equipment being requested?
71eng. maint. contract type8;2SET OF CODES1:Full Maintenance
3:Parts Only
4:Screening Contract
Select the kind of maintenance contract that Engineering Service regards as most appropriate. Ask yourself if it should cover parts and labor? Scheduled or unscheduled maintenance? Hours of coverage? Response time and/or maximum downtime?
72eng. maint. other contract8;1FREE TEXTDescribe the maintenance contract that is not covered in the types of contracts.
74sets maintenance manuals8;3NUMERICHow many sets of maintenance manuals would be needed by the Engineering Service for maintenance of the requested equipment? Two (2) sets should be sufficient in most cases.
75cmr official final approval2;17BOOLEANY:YES
This field allows the CMR Official to review a request that has been in the request pipeline for a long period of time. A request may need editing if it has been around a while. If no editing is needed, then it can go to become a 2237.
77resubmit status8;9POINTER413.5This is the status of the request before it is resubmitted.
100change in personnel explain10;0WORD-PROCESSINGIf the requestor enters 'Y'es to change in personnel, an explanation is needed as to what kind of changes this request causes.
101deficiency explanation11;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field is to enter a more detailed explanation if the user answered 'Y'es to any special safety considerations with equipment being requested. Goes with field JCAHO,CAP,SAFETY DEFICIENCY.
102change recur cost explain12;0WORD-PROCESSINGIf other than 'No Change' was answered in the field CHANGE IN RECURRING COSTS, then a fuller explanation is needed.
103training explanation13;0WORD-PROCESSINGIf field TRAINING NEEDED? was answered 'Yes', then a detailed explanation is required to be entered.
104maint. contract justification14;0WORD-PROCESSINGPlease explain why you think that a maintenance contract for this equipment would be desirable.
105cmr approval explanation15;0WORD-PROCESSINGIf the CMR did not approve a request, then it is required that they enter an explanation of why they didn't approve the request.
117construct/renov description27;0WORD-PROCESSINGBriefly describe the nature and location of any necessary construction or renovation work, whether a project is needed or not.
118special install description28;0WORD-PROCESSINGDescribe the special tasks that Engineering Service will need to perform before the requested equipment can be installed and made operational.
119additional test equip explain29;0WORD-PROCESSINGList and describe any additional test equipment that would be needed for calibration and/or repair of the requested NX equipment. Do not include test equipment that is presently on hand or otherwise available without cost.
120eng. remarks30;0WORD-PROCESSINGEngineering comments of a general nature that may be of some benefit to the Equipment Committee.
121nx equip explanation31;0WORD-PROCESSINGIf the PPM does not consider this to be non-expendable, an explanation of why is required.
123estimated savings33;0WORD-PROCESSING Any estimated savings that are effected by the purchase of a controlled item needs to be identified (personnel, supplies, increased production, etc.)
124additional equipment34;0WORD-PROCESSINGRequests for additional equipment will include the number and description of the same or related type of machines now being used in operation.
125replacement equipment35;0WORD-PROCESSINGRequests for replacement equipment will include the complete description of the item being replaced, estimate of repairs, total amount of money expended for repairs while equipment was in use, and trade-in allowance.
126justification36;0WORD-PROCESSINGA statement of justification for why the line item is being requested is required.
127reason cancelled37;0WORD-PROCESSINGA reason why the request was cancelled is required.
128equip comm explanation38;0WORD-PROCESSINGAn explanation is required as to why the Equipment Committee did not approve a request.
129chief supply explanation39;0WORD-PROCESSINGA reason why the Chief, Supply did not approve a equipment request is required.

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