This file contains all turn-in requests, both those requests that are created because non-expendable equipment is being replaced or non-expendable equipment is no longer to be used.
.001number11This is the sequential internal number of each turn-in request.
.01transaction code(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the temporary transaction number that is calculated based on the facility number, the CMR Official, the fiscal year and a sequential number.
1requestor0;2POINTER200This is the person who initiates the request. It defaults from the DUZ number.
1.5requestor phone #3;3FREE TEXTThis is the phone number of the requestor and should default from new person file.
2requesting service0;3POINTER49This is the requestor's service that is calculated from their entry in the New Person file.
3request date/time0;4DATE-TIMEThis is the actual date and time that the request was initialized. This automatically defaults from the current date and time when the request is being entered.
4station number0;5POINTER411This is the station number that will automatically default if there is only one station numer otherwise, the requestor will be prompted for it.
5cmr responsible official0;6POINTER200ADThis is the person who is associated with a particular CMR. This is defaulted when a CMR is selected and all messages will be directed to this person.
6request status0;7POINTER413.5ACThis is the status of the request. It is set at the completion of each step of the process.
7status date0;8DATE-TIMEThis date is automatically set whenever the status on a request changes. It is the date that status was applied to the request.
8equip request0;9POINTER413This is a corresponding equipment request transaction if the equipment request is replacement and a turn-in request is generated.
9cmr official approval(+)0;10BOOLEANY:YES
If the primary CMR Responsible Official does not approve a request, the request will be returned to the requestor.
11cmr official explanation2;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis CMR Official must explain why a request was not approved.
12utility disconnect?(+)0;12BOOLEANY:YES
This field is to designate the condition of the equipment that was turned in. Equipment that is in fair to good condition could be sent to another medical center needing it.
13engineer. work order0;13POINTER6920If a turn-in request must be disconnect or have any other engineering work performed, a work order must be created. This is a pointer to that work order.
15cmr(+)0;16POINTER6914.1This is the CMR number who will ultimately be responsible for the equipment when ordered and received.
16warehouse official3;4POINTER200This field is for the person who has been assigned to pick up the equipment that is being turned in.
20turn-in line item1;0MULTIPLE413.11This is for each item that the request for turn-in is being produced.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. EQUIPMENT REQUEST (413) -- turn-in request