This file retains data that is normally deleted from IFCAP files. The data held in this file will be retained for a brief period of time (TBD) and purged after this retention period. It holds data that is specifically related to interface of IFCAP package to DynaMed (an outside entity).
.01dm doc id(+)0;1FREE TEXTThis is DynaMed's unique number associated with each item that is sent on a request order from DynaMed. It is composed of 1 digit for Year concatenated with 3 digit Julian Date and a dash, concatenated with 4 digit Sequential Number and a dash, concatenated up to 6 characters for the stockroom(ex YDDD-9999-CCCCCC). This number is provided by DynaMed, a user's input is not required. DynaMed allows 16 characters maximum.
1item0;2POINTER441An item's Internal Entry Number(IEN) is stored in this field. It is updated when RIL record is built in IFCAP.
2vendor0;3POINTER440A vendor's Internal Entry Number(IEN) is stored in this field. It is populated when a RIL record is built in IFCAP for DynaMed.
3entered by0;4POINTER200The user's DUZ, who entered the transaction is placed in this field.
4ril#0;5FREE TEXTCThis field holds a reference to RIL File 410.3, field .01 'Entry Number'.
5date/time created in ifcap0;6DATE-TIMEThis field refers to Date and Time stamp when a transaction was created in IFCAP. (ex. A transaction can be from REPETITIVE ITEM LIST (RIL) File #410.3 or CONTROL POINT ACTIVITY (CPA) File #410)
6date/time created in dynamed0;7DATE-TIMEThis time stamp refers to date & time when a Requisition was created in DynaMed.
72237#0;8FREE TEXTDThis field holds the reference to entry made in CONTROL POINT ACTIVITY File #410, field .01 'Transaction Number'.
8date/time removed from ifcap0;9DATE-TIMEThis date and time will inform when a transaction (such as RIL or 2237) was deleted from IFCAP.
9who deleted0;10POINTER200This field will hold the DUZ of the person who deleted the transaction containing this DM DOC ID from a file (ex. 410, 410.3 or 442).
10pc order#0;11FREE TEXTThis field will hold a Purchase Card Order external number that is PROCUREMENT & ACCOUNTIN G TRANSACTIONS File #442, field's .01 value. It is only meant for orders related to Purchase Card.
11receiving1;0MULTIPLE414.021This multiple is used to hold details about Receiving.
12date needed by0;12DATE-TIMEThis field is provided by DynaMed, it is this date that DynaMed anticipates receiving an item.
13entered by name2;1FREE TEXTEnter the name of the user who entered this requisition in DynaMed in the format Family(Last),Given(First). This name corresponds to the data in the ENTERED BY field #3. The value must be 1-35 characters in length and should contain only uppercase alpha characters.

Not Referenced