This file is used to hold 820 transmissions returned from FMS for which no control point could be determined. Budget elements returned on the transmission did not match budget elements stored on the site's control point files. This file is used to generate the FMS Exceptions Report.
.01fms reference(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis filed holds the FMS transaction reference number, in the format FMS trans. number_transmission date.
1beginning budget fiscal year0;2FREE TEXTThis is the beginning budget fiscal year.
2ending budget fiscal year0;3FREE TEXTThis is the ending budget fiscal year.
3fiscal year0;4FREE TEXTThis is the fiscal year.
4fiscal quarter0;5NUMERICThis is the fiscal quarter.
5fund0;6FREE TEXTThis is the fund returned on the transaction.
6administrative staff/office0;7FREE TEXTThis is the administrative staff/office.
7station0;8FREE TEXTThis is the station number returned on the transaction.
8program0;9FREE TEXTThis is the program, if any, returned on the transaction.
9fcp/project0;10FREE TEXTThis is the fund control point/project.
10cost center0;11NUMERICThis is the cost center returned on the transaction.
11sub cost center0;12NUMERICThis is the sub cost center, if any, returned on the transaction.
12reporting category0;13FREE TEXTThis is the reporting category for the control point returned in the transaction.
13job number0;14FREE TEXTThis is the job number.
14budget object code0;15NUMERICThis is the budget object code for the cost center returned in the transaction.
15budget object class0;16FREE TEXTThis is the budget object class for the cost center returned in the transaction.
16transaction code0;17FREE TEXTThis is the transaction code for the original FMS document which the transmission was generated against.
17transaction number0;18FREE TEXTThis is the transaction number.
18line number0;19NUMERICThis is the line number returned in the transmission.
19transaction amount0;20NUMERICThis is the transaction amount returned in the transmission.
20sta-fy-qtr-cp0;21FREE TEXTCThis field is used to set up the "C" cross reference used to create the quarterly FMS Exception Report.
21transaction date0;22DATE-TIMEThis is the transaction date, when FMS actually created the transaction.
30fy date1;2DATE-TIMEThis field is the Fiscal Year stored as a FileMan date.

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