This file contains those options for which a facility may specify a local template to utilize for output purposes rather than the one distributed by the MAS developers. The file is uneditable using VA filemanager and may not be added to under any circumstances by the facility. To specify a local template utilize the appropriate option of the MAS module.
.001number11Internal Reference number assigned to each template automatically as each new one is entered into the file.
.01adt option name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe ADT OPTION NAME is the name given to the user menu option in the Admission Discharge Transfer DHCP application software to perform certain functions or display/print reports.
2identifier(+)0;2NUMERICAIThe identifier is the same number as the internal reference number, automatically assigned to the entry as each new one is entered into the file.
3template file(+)0;3NUMERICThe template file is the File number that a particular template has been created in. For example, the 'Female Inpatient List' is located in the Patient File, or File 2.00.
4template type(+)0;4SET OF CODESE:EDIT
This designates what type of fileman template is utilized to perform functions or displays/outputs through the ADT DHCP application software. The forms of templates are as follows: INPUT - requires user input into the software to enter or edit current information. OUTPUT - In most cases, the user designates a date range or other range to print, and an output is sent to a designated printer. SORT - A sort template is created through fileman and allows the user to search for information based on various demon- inators, i.e. sort for all inpatients by ward and within ward, sort by room-bed number. This will give a listing of all inpatients, listed by ward and notes what room-bed they are occupying.
5edit template name(+)0;5POINTER.402Allows a user through fileman, to edit, change or add new names or types of entries in any particular file based on that user's fileman access. The name given to a template that has more than two edits or changes is the template name. The user can at a later date call up this template and make the same edits/changes as designated earlier without having to re-enter the variables. The name is user specific.
6print template name(+)0;6POINTER.4Print template name is the name given to a print template that includes a range of fields from any particular file to print in a specified format for later use without having to re-enter the same variables each time it is required. The name is user specific.
7sort template name(+)0;7POINTER.401Sort template name is the name (user specific) given to a set of variables for information searching that can be used at a later date without having to re-enter the same variables each time it is required.
8distributed template name(+)0;8FREE TEXTThe distributed template name is the name assigned (by developer) to any given input, sort or print template that is included in the national release of any DHCP software package.

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