This file serves as a worksheet for the Request for Quotation process. The Purchasing agent can edit data imported from one or more 2237s. This data is then the basis for the electronically submitted RFQ. Correspondence via 864 Transactions (Text Messages) are stored in a multiple of this file. The quotes submitted by vendors are also stored in a multiple of this file.
.01rfq nbr(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the unique reference number for the Request for Quotation entry. It is derived from the following: 3 digits station number, i.e. 688 hyphen 2 digits Fiscal Year, i.e. 96 hyphen string constant 'RFQ' hyphen 5 digits sequence counter padded on the left with zeros. For example 688-96-RFQ-00001.
1reference date(+)0;2DATE-TIMEThis is the effective date for the RFQ.
2quote due date/time(+)0;3DATE-TIMEThis is the date by which the vendor must submit his quote in order for it to be considered. The time should be entered if other than 4:30 PM local time of that date.
3contracting officer(+)0;4POINTER200This is the person who should be contacted by the vendor if there are questions concerning the requirements on this RFQ.
3.1initials of admin contact0;7FREE TEXTThese are the initials of the Administrative Contact/Contracting Officer/ Purchasing Agent assigned to this RFQ.
4administrative contact fax0;5FREE TEXTThis is the FAX number to which non-EDI vendors may submit quotes or requests for additional information.
5priority of request0;6SET OF CODESEM:EMERGENCY
Enter URGENCY best describing this RFQ; it is probably derived from the 2237's PRIORITY.
AHThis field indicates where the RFQ is in the process from submission through award.
7.5closed date/time1;12DATE-TIMEThis field indicates when the RFQ was closed to further quotes.
7.6evaluation complete date/time1;13DATE-TIMEThis field records when evaluation of the RFQ was completed.
7.7awarded date/time1;14DATE-TIMEThis records when the wining quotes were awarded.
7.8pending quotes date/time1;15DATE-TIMEThis field indicates when the RFQ was submitted to vendor(s) for quote(s).
7.9cancel date/time1;16DATE-TIMEThis field records when an RFQ has been cancelled.
8primary 2237(+)0;9POINTER410This is the initially added 2237, the one which is the basis for the RFQ number. This 2237 will provide the defaults for the RFQ's header information.
8.1substation0;10POINTER411When the Primary 2237 field #8 is populated, the substation field is triggered into this field if the 2237 has a substation entered in field #448.
8.2fcp(+)0;14FREE TEXTThis is the Fund Control Point for this RFQ. It is imported into this RFQ entry at the time the Primary 2237 is selected.
9requesting service(+)0;11POINTER49This is the Service/Section of the Requester.
10point of contact(+)0;12POINTER200This is the Requester of the goods or services.
11point of contact phone0;13FREE TEXTThis is the Requester's phone number plus any applicable extension.
This field indicates whether prices include shipping. If FOB (Freight on Board) is Destination, there will be no additional shipping fees. If, in contrast, FOB is Origin, the price assumes the buyer will pick up the item(s) at the vendor's location, and shipping incurs additional charges.
13reqd delivery date(+)1;2DATE-TIMEThis is the date by which the vendor must supply the goods or services.
14ship to1;3NUMERICThis is the address for the delivery.
15deliver to1;4FREE TEXTThis is the individual or location to which delivery should be made.
16special remarks3;0WORD-PROCESSINGThese are Special Remarks for the Request, originally brought over from the Primary 2237, but subject to subsequent editing.
17administrative certifications4;0WORD-PROCESSINGThese are the Administrative Certifications pertaining to the RFQ. This field is originally populated with canned phrases selected from the Adminstrative Certifications file (#442.7), and then subject to further local editing.
17.5set aside?1;7BOOLEAN1:YES
This field flags those RFQ's whose award should consider set aside programs for targeted groups.
18justification6;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field is populated upon the completion of the evaluation of Vendors' quotes and explains the basis of the decisions for award.
19item2;0MULTIPLE444.019This is the list of items submitted for the vendor's quote.
20solicited vendor5;0MULTIPLE444.01
20.5transmit to 'public'1;8BOOLEANy:YES
A 'YES' in this field indicates that the Request for Quotation is to get the widest possible exposure rather than being limited to only those vendors entered into the Solicited Vendors list.
20.7request's last editor1;9POINTER200This is the Purchasing Agent who last edited the information on the Request that will go to the vendors, soliciting their quotes.
20.8last edit date/time1;10DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date/time of the last edit of Request information.
20.9rfq's mailman msg #1;11NUMERICThis field contains the ID number of the MailMan message which is generated in transmitting an RFQ to Austin for distribution to vendors.
21864 messages7;0MULTIPLE444.021This multiple contains the history of 864 transactions concerning this RFQ.
22msg counter1;5NUMERICThis field is updated each time a message is added to the 864 MESSAGES multiple. The updated counter value is placed in the .01 field.
23outbound msg counter1;6NUMERICThis is the counter for messages generated on this computer and going to the vendor.
24quotes8;0MULTIPLE444.024This multiple contains the quotes submitted by the responding vendors.
25evaluator of quotes1;17POINTER200This field references the Supply person who assigned vendors to the RFQ items in preparation for making the award.
26transmit date/time1;18DATE-TIMEThis field records the last time that 840 Transaction data was loaded into a MailMan message for transmission to Austin.
27manual rfq print date/time9;1DATE-TIMEThis field records when the Manual Request for Quotation form was printed for distribution to potential vendors.

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  1. EDI SENDER (443.75) -- rfq/txt pointer