This file is used to describe storage locations within any Generic Inventory Point (i.e. the Bins, Shelves, Rooms, etc. in which supplies are stored). The format for creating codes related to a storage location can be defined by each inventory point to meet their own needs.
.01storage location(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis file is used by the Generic Inventory Package. Storage locations can be defined by each Inventory Point for their own use. An example of a storage location could be a Room no., Bin location, Shelf, etc. NOTE: Several reports (picking document, issue books, etc.) use the storage location as a sort field. In order to sort correctly, make sure that numeric fields are zero filled to the number of characters in the largest value for the field. Ex. for a storage location with section 1 to 50, bins 1 to 100, shelves 1 to 6, a storage location of section 5, bin 2, shelf 3 would be 05-002-3.
1inventory/distribution point0;2POINTER445This is a pointer to the Generic Inventory File, #445. This field contains the name of the Inventory point that entered the storage location. It also is used for screening purposes (i.e., each inventory point can use their own discrete set of storage locations).
2expanded description0;3FREE TEXTThis is a description of the storage location code.

Not Referenced