This file is used to define items which make up a case cart.
.01case cart item(+)0;1POINTER441BThis field is used to store the item master number defined as the case cart item for this entry.
1items1;0MULTIPLE445.71This field stores the list of items which are used to assemble the case cart.
2inventory point(+)0;2POINTER445This field stores the name of the inventory point responsible for setting up the case cart definition.
3user creating case cart0;3POINTER200This field stores the user which created the case cart item entry.
4date created0;4DATE-TIMEThis field stores the date the case cart item was created.
5user last edit0;5POINTER200This field stores the user which last changed the case cart item definition.
6date last edit0;6DATE-TIMEThis field stores the date the case cart definition was last changed.
7total assembly charge0;7NUMERICThis field is used to store the total charge for assembling the case cart. The total assembly charge will be costed to the receiving secondary inventory location and patient during distribution order posting.
10special instructions/remarks2;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field stores any special instructions or remarks relative to the assembly or distribution of this case cart.
81operation codes3;0MULTIPLE445.781This field is used to store the operation codes which this case cart should be ordered for. By populating this field, the Operating Room Nurse can quickly place orders for scheduled operations/procedures.

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