This file contains a list of PTF census dates. Usually these dates are on 9/30. Also, this file contains census date specific parameters, such as CLOSEOUT DATE for the census.
.01date(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBThis field contains the census date as established by VACO. It is used in various census options and reports. Its most important use is to determine who needs census transactions sent to Austin. All inpatients as of 11:59pm of the census date are listed in the Census Status Report as needing a transaction. This date is usually the last date of the quarter, such as 12/31/2000. Please note, you are not allowed to enter a census date greater then the last day of the quarter.
.02closeout date0;2DATE-TIMEThis field contains the last date census transactions can be transmitted to Austin. This date is determined by VACO and should only be changed as directed by VACO. Once this CLOSEOUT DATE has passed, census transactions for this census date are not allowed to be sent by the software.
.03ok to xmit ptf transactions0;3DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date PTF records can be transmitted for patients who also have census records for this census year. Note: Discharges that have admission dates after the census date are not affected by this parameter. PTF records for these admissions can be transmitted in the usual manner. This date is determined by VACO and should only be changed as directed by VACO. If PTF transactions are transmitted to Austin before this date, the PTF transaction would overlay census transactions for the admission. It is possible to close and release PTF transactions. However, the software will not allow the transmission of these PTF transactions before this OK TO XMIT PTF TRANSACTIONS date.
.04currently active?0;4BOOLEAN0:NO
ACThis field indicates if this census date entry is the currently active census. There can only be one census date active at any one point in time. It is possible not to have any census date active. The software enforces this 'only one active' rule. If a user attempts to have more than one census date active, s/he will get an error message indicating the census date that is currently active.
.05census period start date(+)0;5DATE-TIMEThis field contains the first date of the census period. All specialty movements and procedures that occurred for the inpatient from this date, CENSUS PERIOD START DATE, to the census date should be reported to Austin for the census. The software uses this date when creating the census record from the PTF record. Only those movements and procedures that occurred during that time frame are copied. This date is usually the first day of a Fiscal Year, such as 10/1/94 for the 9/30/95 census.
.06workfile last updated0;6DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date that the census workfile was last updated for this particular PTF census date entry. The 'Regenerate Census Workfile' option updates this field.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. PTF (45) -- census date
  2. CENSUS WORKFILE (45.85) -- census date