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This file contains the RUG-II groupings used for reimbursment for patients that reside on long term care units (those with services of either intermediate or nursing home care). Each time a patient is transferred or admitted to a ward of one of these types, a patient assessment instrument must be completed (these are stored in the PAF file - #45.9). Additionally, twice a year, a census of nursing home and intermediate medicine wards is taken and assessments are done at that time. Once an assessment is completed, a patient is placed into one of the 17 RUG-II groups based on the level of care s/he is receiving. The 17 RUG groups are stored in this file along with the yearly WWUs (weighted work units) for each. These weighted work units are supplied by MAS VACO and the Boston DPC (which supports the RUG-II program) and are used for reimbursement at the medical center level.
.001number11This number is created automatically by VA FileMan. It should not be altered in any way. Adding, editing, or removing entries from this file could have severe and negative impacts on the operation of the RUG-II software and could cause losses in reimbursement for long term care.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contain the name of the RUG-II group (1-17). These groups are maintained by the MAS module with direction from MAS VACO and the Austin DPC. Altering of these entries (or adding or removing entries) will have a severe and negative impact on operations of the RUG-II software at your medical center. Impacts may include losses of reimbursement.
1fiscal yearFY;0MULTIPLE45.9101This multiple contains data on the number of weighted work units appied to this RUG-II group each fiscal year. This data is supplied by the Boston DPC.

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