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MD5 Signature
The file holds parameters related to the MD5 signature of the Master File Server(MFS). DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! For each domain (Allergy, Vitals), The parameters defines the file's fields to be included in MD5 hash procedure. Local modifications to this file will seriously disrupt standard file updating and have negative consequences to existing VistA applications.
.01md5 code system(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field is the Domain name of SDS for which MD5 will be requested.
1file/subfile number1;0MULTIPLE4.0051This field is the Internal File Number (IFN) of the MD5 table supported by the Master File Server (MFS).
2vets code system version2;1NUMERICVets Code System Version
3vets md5 hash2;2FREE TEXTVets MD5 Hash ENTRY
4date of md5 verification2;3DATE-TIMEDate of MD5 verification
5computed md5 value2;4FREE TEXTComputed MD5 checksum value, 32 cha long.
6debug mode0;2NUMERICField indicates the level of response. MODE = 0 regular mode.. last HASH value returned in Apl. ACK. 1 debugging mode.. all values + hash codess returned in Apl ACK 1.1 debugging mode.. all values (no hash codes) returned in Apl ACK 2 debugging mode.. all fields values, all hash values,all hash codes returned in Apl. ACK.
7sort by0;3FREE TEXTThis field determines the sorting of records for MD5 checksum calculation. It defaults to VUID order. Enter the name of a field cross-reference in order to sort by that field. The cross-reference must exist in the target file. If the cross-reference name does not exist, it will default to VUID order. The field cross-referenced must not be a multiple. To sort by the .01 field, enter "B" without the quotes. This will sort by the "B" cross reference, which is always the .01 field.
8filter by0;4FREE TEXTYou can specify a query filter by field. Enter the field number to filter by.

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