This file is used to collect non-static information about network mail transmissions
.01name(+)0;1POINTER4.2BDomain for which network mail transmission information is collected.
1progress report3;1FREE TEXTThis field contains the time in $H format of the last time a queue dump routine reported its progress. If this field is undefined, or 'old', then the queue is assumed to be inactive. If not, the rest of the fields on this node indicate the status of the transmission.
2message in transit3;2POINTER3.9This points to the 3.9 (Message) file entry of the message being transmitted.
3line last transmitted3;3NUMERICThis is the line number of the message in transit.
4errors this transmission3;4NUMERICThis is the number of "soft" errors (non-fatal) that have been encountered during the course of the entire current transmission.
5rate of transmission3;5NUMERICThis is the transmission rate in characters per second for the current transmission. It may be for a single line or for a block or for the entire message. It is updated regularly during the transmission.
6network device3;6FREE TEXTThis is the name of the device (system name) that the transmission is running on. It may be incoming or outgoing.
This field is used to report whether, at any given time, we are sending messages to, or receiving messages from, the site.
25transmission task#3;7NUMERICThe transmission task# points to the TaskMan task that has been generated to handle delivery of messages to the domain in background.
41xmit start date/time4;1DATE-TIMEThis field helps MailMan determine, after a fatal error, whether to start the transmission process at script 1, try 1, or to start it elsewhere.
42xmit finish date/time4;2DATE-TIMEThis may be useful information for debugging purposes.
43xmit script4;3NUMERICThis tells MailMan which script is/was being used.
44xmit tries4;4NUMERICThis tells MailMan how many tries have been made with the current script.
45xmit latest try date/time4;5DATE-TIMEThis may be useful information for debugging purposes.
46xmit script cycle iterations4;6NUMERICThis is the number of script cycles we have tried. This field starts off at 0. After we have tried all the scripts available, we bump up this field by 1.
47xmit first script4;7NUMERICThis field notes which script has the highest priority, that is, which script was tried first.
48xmit ip addresses tried4;8FREE TEXTThis is a list of IP addresses, separated by commas, which have already been used in attempting to connect with the site. We use this list in conjunction with the DNS server, which returns a list of valid addresses to try. Using both lists, we can come up with the next IP address to try.
51xmit script record5;E1,245FREE TEXTThis is a copy of the zeronode of the latest script used.
60xmit audit6;0MULTIPLE4.29992This multiple contains an audit of the attempts that have been made during this transmission.
101message statistics month100;0MULTIPLE4.29991Message statistics are summed into this area at the end of each successful message received or sent into the appropriate month according to the time the message is received.

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