The A&SP DIAGNOSTIC CONDITION file (#509850.1) contains pointers to a small subset of ICD CM codes which pertain to Audiology and Speech Pathology. Entries in this file are pointed to by the DIAGNOSTIC CODE field in the A&SP CLINIC VISIT file (#509850.6). This file arrives at the VAMC with data. This file SHOULD NOT be altered through the use of VA FileMan; input should take place ONLY through the QUASAR menu options. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition SHOULD NOT be modified.
.01code0;1POINTER80BThe CODE field contains the pointer to the diagnostic condition code for Audiology and Speech Pathology.
.02modifiers allowed0;2BOOLEAN1:YES
No longer used after the installation of Quasar Version 3.0. The MODIFIERS ALLOWED field activates or inactivates ICD CM code modifiers (i.e., 0 for NO or 1 for YES). ICD CM codes for Audiology and Speech Pathology may not adequately describe the scope or variety of problems seen by audiologists and speech pathologists. Recognizing this deficiency, modifiers have been developed for certain codes to clarify diseases or to provide codes for diseases where no codes now exist.
.03*card code0;3NUMERICThe CARD CODE field has been marked for deletion. Card code capability was not implemented in QUASAR V. 1.0. Eighteen months after the release of QUASAR V. 2.0, this field can be removed.
.04clinic stop0;4SET OF CODESA:AUDIOLOGY
ACSCThe CLINIC STOP field contains A for AUDIOLOGY, S for SPEECH PATHOLOGY, or SA for EITHER Speech or Audiology. The ICD CM CODE is used for one of these clinic stops.
.05hearing loss code0;5BOOLEAN0:NO
Audiometric fields are required for C&P exams but are optional for routine exams. The only exception to this is if the problem involves an ICD CM code which indicates a hearing loss. The HEARING LOSS CODE field contains 1 or YES if this ICD CM code requires the asking of the audiometric questions. The field contains 0 or NO if the ICD CM code is not a hearing loss code.
The ACTIVE field contains 0 for INACTIVE or 1 for ACTIVE. Because entries in the A&SP DIAGNOSTIC CONDITION file are pointed to by the DIAGNOSTIC CODE field in the A&SP CLINIC VISIT file, entries should not be deleted. Periodically, ICD CM codes are inactivated by the code developers, the Department of Veterans Affairs, or the Director, Audiology and Speech Pathology Service (VAHQ). Diagnostic codes which are not to be used are marked as inactive.
.07icd version0;7POINTER80.4This is the ICD coding system for the diagnosis.
1allowable modifiers1;0MULTIPLE509850.11The ALLOWABLE MODIFIERS field is a multiple field containing the letter and description for an ICD diagnostic code modifier.

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