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The A&SP STAFF file (#509850.3) contains the names of all A&SP clinicians and students. Information in this file includes the staff person's name, activation and inactivation dates, status (i.e., clinician, fee basis, other provider, or student), and an ID number for sites that may wish to enter provider by code number. Entries in this file are pointed to by fields in the A&SP CLINIC VISIT file (#509850.6) in order to identify staff members who took part in a given visit. Therefore, staff names should NEVER be deleted. Data in this file SHOULD NOT be altered through the use of VA FileMan; input should take place ONLY through the QUASAR menu options. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition SHOULD NOT be modified.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe NAME field contains the name of the clinician, fee basis clinician, other provider (e.g., health technician), or student providing direct care in the clinic. New names can be added to the A&SP STAFF file at any time. However, staff names should NEVER be deleted.
STATUS identifies the position of the individual in the NAME field as a clinician, fee basis clinician, other provider (e.g., health technician), or student.
.03activation date0;3DATE-TIMEACTIVATION DATE is the earliest date that this individual is to be associated with A&SP clinic visits. You can enter EOD date or initial QUASAR activation date.
.04inactivation date0;4DATE-TIMEINACTIVATION DATE is the date when this individual is no longer associated with A&SP clinic visits. You can enter the employee's termination date.
.05id number(+)0;5FREE TEXTCThe ID NUMBER field is used at stations that use code numbers in lieu of provider names. QUASAR provides a sequential default number staring with 0001, but any unique four digit number is accepted.
The SUPERVISOR field determines whether or not this staff member is a supervisor. Supervisors have access to certain functions within the QUASAR package that is not available to other staff members, such as C&P exam adequation of exams performed by other clinicians. Non-supervisory clinicians can only adequate their own exams.
.07staff member(+)1;1POINTER200This field contains a pointer to the NEW PERSON file (#200) to ensure that the NAME field (#.01) in the A&SP STAFF file (#509850.3) correctly corresponds to the NAME field (#.01) in the NEW PERSON file (#200).

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  1. A&SP CLINIC VISIT (509850.6) -- *second clincian, *lead role, primary provider, student, *other provider