This file holds the abbreviations which are often used when entering the Rx sig. Each record holds an expansion of the abbreviation which is used to complete the sig as it is printed on the Rx label. Care should be taken to not delete entries in this file after going into production use of the pharmacy package. If an entry were deleted then any sigs that contain the abbreviation would not find it when printed later and thus could confuse the patient. The above description indicates that this file is not strictly 'pointed to' in the classical VA FileMan sense, but that logically it is nearly the same thing.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTB For inpatient pharmacy use, you may enter one of the following standard times or you may use a non-standard schedule when appropriate. For example, Q36H or Q17H.
.5synonym0;3FREE TEXTThis field is used to indicate the synonym if applicable.
1expansion(+)0;2FREE TEXT This is the full explanation of the instruction and will print on some reports.
1.1other language expansion4;1FREE TEXTThis field is used to store the expansion in another language.
2med route0;5POINTER51.2
3schedule0;6FREE TEXTThis is the Schedule that is associated with the Medication Instruction. Prior to the Pharmacy Ordering Enhancements project, this field was used to associate schedules with Outpatient prescriptions, by running each word of the Sig through the Medication Instruction file to look for an associated Schedule. The field is currently not being used by the Pharmacy software.
4instructions0;7FREE TEXT
5additional instruction3;1FREE TEXT
9plural9;1FREE TEXTThis field is used to indicate if there's a plural name for this instruction.
10default admin times1;1FREE TEXTThis field is used to indicate a default admin time if applicable.
20ward2;0MULTIPLE51.01This sub file is used to indicate any wards associated with a medication instruction.
30intended use(+)0;4SET OF CODES0:OUTPATIENT ONLY
This controls the users' view of this file. If the entry is marked as OUTPATIENT ONLY (0), then only the Outpatient package will use it as a valid abbreviation. If marked INPATIENT ONLY (2), then only the Inpatient package will use the entry as a valid abbreviation. The entry may be marked as Inpatient and Outpatient (1).
31frequency (in minutes)0;8NUMERICThis is the number of minutes between each time that the action should take place. This field will be used to calculate defaults for Quantity and Days Supply in the Outpatient Pharmacy Package. It will also be used to calculate defaults for the fields in the pharmacy dialog in Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS).

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