The IV SOLUTIONS file contains drugs which will be used as the primary solutions in the IV room. Any drug entered in this file must already exist in the DRUG file (50). All drug information relating to its use in the IV package is stored in the IV SOLUTIONS file. If a drug is no longer to be used as an IV solution, DO NOT delete it from the IV SOLUTIONS file, but simply inactivate it by entering the date it is to be discontinued in the INACTIVATION DATE field.
.01print name(+)0;1FREE TEXTB This field should contain the print name of the solution. The name that is entered here will be printed on the IV label, manufacturing list, ward list, etc. The volume should NOT be part of the print name, since the volume of the IV ORDER will be printed next to the print name.
.02print name {2}0;4FREE TEXT An additional print name can be added for each primary solution. This field should only be used when the primary solution is a premix.
1generic drug(+)0;2POINTER50AC This field will link the IV Solution file (#52.7) to the drug file (#50).
2volume(+)0;3FREE TEXT The number entered here will represent the volume of this solution. When entering an IV order, this volume will be stuffed into the volume field for that IV ORDER.
4electrolytes2;0MULTIPLE52.702 This contains information on the electrolytes that make up this solution.
5synonym3;0MULTIPLE52.703These are other names by which a solution may be identified.
6drug information4;0WORD-PROCESSING Any data entered here will be shown under the 'DRUG INQUIRY' option of the IV PACKAGE. This field can be used as a means of communication to other pharmacists or nurses on the wards to inform them about critical IV DRUGS.
7average drug cost0;7NUMERIC This is the average drug cost per ml for this IV solution.
8inactivation dateI;1DATE-TIME This field is used to inactivate a drug. An IV drug should NEVER be deleted from a file since some IV ORDERS may still be using it. Enter the date the drug should be inactivated. Once the date of inactivation arrives, the drug will no longer be a valid choice for IV SOLUTIONS.
9pharmacy orderable item0;11POINTER50.7AOIThis field is a pointer to the PHARMACY ORDERABLE ITEM (#50.7) File. This field is not editable. It is controlled by the software. Every IV Solution has a Generic Drug pointer to the DRUG (#50) File, and every Drug entry has a pointer to the PHARMACY ORDERABLE ITEM (#50.7) File. The software will automatically keep this field updated with the Pharmacy Orderable Item that the Generic Drug points to.
16*primary drug(+)0;12POINTER50.3APD Links the solution in the IV SOLUTIONS file (52.7) to a primary drug in the PRIMARY DRUG file (50.3).
17used in iv fluid order entry0;13BOOLEAN1:YES
Allows Pharmacy to limit the solutions available in IV Fluid order entry. Solutions having data in the PRINT NAME {2} field are assumed to be multi-ingredient drugs, and are not selectable.
This field is used to identify an IV Solution as a PreMix IV. This indication will be used to identify which entries will have order checks performed against them.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. IV CATEGORY (50.2) -- iv drug