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.01*drug(+)0;1POINTER50.3B This is a drug to be entered as a Unit Dose order when this order set is selected.
2*dosage ordered(+)0;9FREE TEXT This is the total amount of the medication that is to be administered as one dose, such as '500MG' or '100CC'. This cannot be a number only. The type of unit (MG, CC, etc.) must be included. This is required.
4*day (nd) or dose (nl) limit0;2FREE TEXT This should contain the length of the order with this drug either in DAYS or DOSES (administered). If the length is in DAYS, the number of days entered must be followed by a D. If the length is a DOSE LIMIT, the number entered must be followed by an L.
5*start day and time0;11DATE-TIME If the order with this drug is not to start the day the order set is selected, enter when the order is to start here. Enter as a future date and time in the form of "T+... This allows orders in an order set to be staggered.
6*med route(+)0;3POINTER51.2 This is the route of administration for this drug.
7*schedule type(+)0;4SET OF CODESC:CONTINUOUS
This is the type of schedule for the administration of the drug. Please remember that PRE-OP orders fall under ON CALL, and that FILL on REQUEST includes MULTI-DOSE containers.
8*schedule(+)0;5FREE TEXT This is the schedule for the administration of this medication. Unless the Schedule Type is ON CALL, this field is required, and the order will NOT be entered if no data is found in this field. This field will be ignored if the SCHEDULE TYPE is ON CALL (OC).
9*special instructions1;1FREE TEXT Enter any special instructions (using abbreviations whenever possible) needed for this order. This would include the physician's reason for ordering a PRN. This field utilizes the abbreviations and expansions from the MEDICATION INSTRUCTION file (#51).
10*dispense drug2;0MULTIPLE53.2102 This is the medication(s), and related information, that will actually be dispensed by pharmacy for this order.

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