This file is used to allow sites to define the behavior of inpatient orders for outpatients on a clinic-by-clinic basis.
.01clinic(+)0;1POINTER44BThis is the clinic for which the stop date calculations are being entered. The clinic should allow the ordering of Inpatient Medications for Outpatients.
1number of days until stop0;2NUMERICThis is the number of days to default the length of an order. Cannot exceed 365 days.
2auto-dc imo orders0;3BOOLEAN0:NO
This field gives the site the ability to define, by clinic, whether or not inpatient orders for outpatients should be auto-dc'd on patient movements. This field will only affect those orders where Inpatient Medications V. 5.0 controls the discontinue action. If the patient movement discontinue action is handled by any other package, this field will have no effect.
3send to bcma?0;4BOOLEAN0:NO
This field will determine if inpatient orders for outpatients in this clinic will be made available to the Bar Code Medication Admnistration package.
4missing dose printer1;5POINTER3.5This is the print device that this Clinic will use to print Missing Dose requests. This device overrides the default "Clinic Missing Dose Request Printer:" device (stored as an XPAR Division parameter), set by the BCMA Site Parameters GUI Client, for Clinics.
5pre-exchange report device1;1POINTER3.5The device most frequently used to print the Pre-Exchange Report for this CLINIC. This device will be shown as the default for the 'Select DEVICE for PRE-EXCHANGE UNITS REPORT:' prompt when printing the Pre-Exchange Report.
6imo dc/expired day limit0;7NUMERICThis field contains the number of days that DC/Expired orders will be included in the enhanced order checks for drug interactions and therapeutic duplications for clinic orders. If this field is left blank, a default value of 30 days will be used.

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