.01order number0;1FREE TEXTBOrder number can be in one of three forms. All order numbers are numbers appended with a unique type identifier. The expected formats include: nP : a 'P' indicates that the order is PENDING action by Pharmacy Service. (Given that the BCMA Backup System is designed to be real-time, pending orders are transmitted and stored on the BCMA Backup System workstation. nU : a 'U' indicates that the order is for a UNIT DOSE medication. nV : a 'V' indicates that the order is for INTRAVENOUS medication -- that is, IV solutions and additives. Order numbers are filed in this file with their respective alpha characters because unit dose and IV orders could have the same numeric portion of an order number. It also should be noted that 'P'ENDING order numbers are completely replaced once the order has been processed by Pharmacy on the VistA server. Once Pharmacy processes the order, an actual order number (that is, one with either a 'U' or a 'V' appended to it) is generated and filed on the workstation.
1cprs order number0;2FREE TEXTACPRSThis field contains the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) order number associated with this Pharmacy order. This field is of particular importance in the case of 'P'ending orders. Whenever an order is processed into a patient's BCMA Backup System record a check is made whether the CPRS order is already on file, and further whether that order on file is 'P'ending. If so, the 'P'ending order record is deleted and replaced by the data transmitted in the new HL7 message.
2order status0;3FREE TEXTOrder status is filed exactly as transmitted from Pharmacy via the HL7 message. It contains two parts delimited by a '~': a 2-character code and the code's description. All BCMA Backup System outputs display order status exactly as stored.
3date order last updated0;4DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date and time this order's record on the BCMA Backup System workstation was last updated by processing of any HL7 message.
3.5clinic name0;5FREE TEXTACThis is the clinic name where the medication order was placed.
4start date/time1;1DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date and time that this order begins. It is possible that this date will not be 'today', but rather, some date/time in the future.
4.1stop date/time1;2DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date and time when this order expires.
5provider2;1FREE TEXTThis field contains the name of the provider who originated this order.
5.1rph/entry person2;2FREE TEXTThis field contains the name of pharmacist or pharmacy clerk who entered this order or took the last action on this order.
5.2verifying person2;3FREE TEXTThis field contains the name of the clinician, nurse or other staff who verified this order.
This field contains a code indicating whether the order is 'P'ending, for a 'U'nit Dose medication or for I'V' medication.
6.1medication type3;2FREE TEXTThis field contains a further identifier for the type of medication. Values in this field might be things like HYPERAL, PIGGYBACK, SYRINGE, etc.
7dosage4;1FREE TEXTThis field contains the dosage information for the order. For example, it may contain values like 500MG, 1000ML, etc.
7.1admin route4;2FREE TEXTThis field contains the medication administration route. For example, ORAL, INHALATION, INTRAVENOUS, etc.
7.2admin schedule4;3FREE TEXTThis field contains the administration schedule for the ordered medication(s). The standard clinical code is generally found as a value for this field. For example, BID, Q6H, QHS, QD, etc.
7.3admin timing4;4FREE TEXTThe value in this field will contain a sequence of times (hours of the day) when the medication is to be given. For example, if the SCHEDULE is Q6H (every six hours), the value in this field might be 0200-0800- 1400-2000. The format of this timing is variable -- in the previous example, the value may be 02-08-14-20. Regardless of format, the hour delimiter should be a dash (-). Nevertheless, whatever is present in the Pharmacy file and transmitted to the workstation is filed.
8supplemental comments5;0WORD-PROCESSING
9other print info6;1FREE TEXTThis supplemental free text field may contain further printable information regarding this order. Generally, however, all comments, special instructions, other print information, etc. are contained in the field SUPPLEMENTAL COMMENTS (#8).
10drug7;0MULTIPLE53.703This multiple field contains the names of medications associated with this order. Usually, this particular field contains unit dose medications.
11additive8;0MULTIPLE53.70211This multiple field contains the names of any IV additives associated with this order.
12solution9;0MULTIPLE53.70212This multiple field contains the names of any IV solutions associated with this order.
13med log date/time10;0MULTIPLE53.70213The fields in this multiple contain information specific to BCMA Medication Log entries from the VistA server.

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