This file contains implementation-specific information about the installation and use of the BCMA Backup system on the client workstation. This file is distributed with a pre-defined entry labelled "ONE". Further, the .01 field for this entry is marked uneditable. This pre-defined entry should not be deleted. No additional PARAMETERS entries should be made as they will be ignored by the BCMA Backup System. There are five fields that can be edited in this file: DEFAULT DAYS FOR MAR (field #1), DEFAULT MAR PRINTER (field #2), PURGE ORDER DAYS (field 5), PURGE PATIENT (field 6) and MED-LOG NUMBER (field 7). The option BCMA Backup System Parameters Edit (ALPB PARAMS EDIT) is provided for editing of these fields.
.01parameters name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe BCMA Backup System package is distributed with this field pre-defined with the value of "ONE". Further, this field is set to UNEDITABLE. Only the values inside this PARAMETERS file record should be edited. DO NOT DELETE THIS PRE-DEFINED RECORD OR ADD NEW RECORDS.
1default days for mar0;2NUMERICThe number in this field indicates the default number of days for which medication administration initial boxes are printed on the output forms. For example, if the number of days is 3, then the printed outputs will contain initial boxes beside each printed order that will look like this: Admin DEC Times 01 02 03 0400 |___|___|___| 0800 |___|___|___| (These "initial boxes" are printed so that staff can record medication administration at the prescribed times.) The usual number of days is 3 and this file is distributed with this value as a default (pre-defined). If the value is deleted, the BCMA Backup System software defaults to 3 days as well.
2default mar printer0;3POINTER3.5This field will be used to designate a default printer for the printing of Medication Administration Records (MAR). If this field contains a device entry, it will be presented as the default print location for the MARs in the Device handler calls in the BCMA MAR print options. The user can either accept this default device, or select another valid device from the Device file.
3error log1;0MULTIPLE53.713This multiple field contains individual entries describing errors encountered by the processing of HL7 messages and the filing of data in the BCMA BACKUP DATA FILE (#53.7). This field should not be edited using File Manager. Display and deletion of individual errors in this field is handled with the option ALPB ERROR LOG.
4data file last updated2;1DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date and time that the BCMA BACKUP DATA file (53.7) was last updated by the processing of any HL7 message.
5purge order days2;2NUMERICThe Purge utility defaults at 7 days of orders. You can change that by entering a number here. The purge is based off the order stop date.
6purge patient2;3NUMERICEnter the number of days to retain a patient record without activity or orders.
7med-log number2;4NUMERICThe Med-Log number field determines the number of previous Med Log entries that will be displayed on the BCMA Contingency Medical Administration Report MAR.

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