This file holds, for each patient, information that is typically of interest only to the pharmacy. This should be noted when merging patient records and deleting the 'old' record from the patient file. That process does not delete the corresponding pharmacy patient file entry. This file is also shared with inpatient pharmacy and promises to become a very central file to the pharmacy.
.001number11 This allows users to select entries by the internal number.
.01name(+)0;1POINTER2B This is the name of a patient that has some type of pharmacy order.
This field is used to indicate if safety caps are to be issued to patient.
This field is used to: A) Determine whether this patient's Rx's are to be sent to the CMOP, or retained for local distribution. If 2-4 are selected, none of this patient's Rx's will be transmitted to the CMOP. B) Select what the mail priority is. The CMOP choices are limited to (0) REGULAR and (1) CERTIFIED. Local mail may be designated (3) LOCAL - REGULAR or (4) LOCAL - CERTIFIED. The 'DO NOT MAIL' code (2) may be used to ensure that the patient's Rx's are not mailed.
.04dialysis patient0;4BOOLEAN0:NO
ADIAThis field is used to indicate if the patient is in dialysis.
.05mail status expiration date0;5DATE-TIMEThis field places a time limit on the 'Do Not Mail', 'Local - Regular Mail' and 'Local - Certified Mail' conditions in the 'MAIL' field. If a date is placed in this field and the software detects that the date the Rx is processed is greater than the date in the field (past the expired date) a default value of 'Regular Mail' will be assumed for the 'MAIL' field. NOTE: The actual value of the 'MAIL' field will not be changed by the software, but can only be modified by a user editing the 'MAIL' field.
.07first service date0;7DATE-TIMEThis is the login date of the first order for pharmacy services.
.08actual/historical flag0;8SET OF CODESA:ACTUAL
The purpose of this field is to indicate whether the FIRST SERVICE DATE field was populated with actual or historical data. Actual indicates the field was populated when the first pharmacy service was filed. Historical indicates the field was populated by the conversion routine.
1narrative1;1FREE TEXT This is notable information about the patient that pertains to pharmacy.
3patient statusPS;1POINTER53This field is used to indicate a default patient status.
40community nursing home40;1BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is used to indicate if the patient resides within a community nursing home.
40.1nursing home contract40;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is used to indicate if the patient has a nursing home contract.
40.2last date of contract40;3DATE-TIMEThis field is used to indicate the last date of the nursing home contract.
41respite patient start date40;4DATE-TIMEThis field is used to indicate the start date of respite care.
41.1respite patient end date40;5DATE-TIMEThis field is used to indicate the end date of respite care.
50active scriptsCOMPUTEDThis field is used to indicate active prescriptions.
52prescription profileP;0MULTIPLE55.03This sub-file is used to indicate prescription history for this patient.
52.1rx update0;6SET OF CODES0:Nothing updated
1:Data movement complete
2:Backfill complete
This field is used to indicate if the patient's medications have been updated in the CPRS orders file. If the field is 0, nothing has been updated, 1 indicates the initial data movement is complete, and 2 indicates the Backfill to CPRS is complete.
52.2non-va medsNVA;0MULTIPLE55.05This is the Non-VA Meds order multiple. It will be used to store the Non-VA Med orders entered through the CPRS application.
53clozapine registration numberSAND;1FREE TEXTASAND1This is the patient's authorization number assigned by national data base.
This is the patient's clozapine treatment status.
55date of last clozapine rxSAND;3DATE-TIMEThis is the date of the patient's last clozapine prescription.
56demographics sentSAND;4BOOLEAN1:YES
This indicates whether patient demographic data has been sent to the national database.
57responsible providerSAND;5POINTER200This is the physician responsible for the patient's clozaril treatment.
58registration dateSAND;6DATE-TIMEThis field is used to enter the date of registration.
62unit dose5;0MULTIPLE55.06 This represents the 'top' of the UNIT DOSE SUB-FILE, where all of a patient's active (and expired & dc'd) UNIT DOSE orders are kept. Although orders are initially entered into ^PS(53.1), the order is transferred into this sub-file (^PSGOT) upon verification.
62.01ud default stop date/time5.1;1DATE-TIME This is date used as a default value for the STOP DATE/TIME of Unit Dose orders during the order entry and renewal processes, if the corresponding site parameter is turned on. The order entry and renewal processes will sometimes change this date.
62.02ud provider5.1;2POINTER200 This is the latest provider for this patient, used as a default value in order entry.
62.03ud last admission date5.1;3DATE-TIME This is the last admission date for this patient.
62.04ud last transfer date5.1;4DATE-TIME This is the last transfer date for this patient.
62.05ud last discharge date5.1;5DATE-TIME This is the last discharge date for this patient.
62.06ud exp up-date5.1;6DATE-TIME This is a date used to update expired orders. (Internal)
62.07ud hold flag5.1;7SET OF CODES0:ORDERS NOT ON HOLD
This is an internal flag set when all of the patient's orders have been placed on hold. If '2', all of a patient's Unit Dose AND IV orders were placed on hold automatically by the package.
62.08ud discharge flag5.1;8SET OF CODES1:PATIENT HAS BEEN DISCHARGED
This is an internal flag set when a patient is first found to have been discharged. It is set so that Inpatient Meds does not try to cancel the patient's orders every time the patient is accessed while discharged.
62.1comments5.2;0WORD-PROCESSING This is used for temporary storage of data by the Unit Dose package. The data is deleted before and after each use!
62.11hold reason5.1;10FREE TEXT This is an explanation of why this patient's orders are being placed on hold. This explanation will show on the patient's Unit Dose profile.
62.16*last ud order converted to v45.1;16FREE TEXT This is the last Unit Dose order converted for use with version 4 of the Inpatient Medications package. THIS SHOULD NOT BE EDITED. Editing could result in corrupted data and possibly medication administration errors.
62.2inpatient narrative5.3;1FREE TEXTThis field stores the Inpatient pharmacy narrative for the patient.
63*ud stop date5.1;1DATE-TIMEThis field is used by the UNIT DOSE PHARMACY package. It is NOT to be entered into anywhere else!
99*no. of iv ordersCOMPUTED
100ivIV;0MULTIPLE55.01This subfile contains IV order information for any given patient. A separate IV order file does not exist. This isn't the same design as outpatient pharmacy -- which does contain a separate file for prescriptions.
101archive dateARC;0MULTIPLE55.13This sub file is used to indicate archived prescriptions.
102*last admission numberIVD;1FREE TEXT This field is updated by the IV PACKAGE every time action is taken on this particular patient. This piece will have two pieces of information on it. The first piece ('-' is the delimiter) is the current admissions number, and the second piece is the discharge date for this admissions number. This field is used for determining whether or not to DC IV ORDERS due to ADMISSIONS or DISCHARGE.
102.1*last serviceIVD;2SET OF CODESM:MEDICINE
This piece is updated by the IV PACKAGE every time this particular patient has any 'IV ACTION'. This piece represents the service of the last ward that this patient was in. It is a set of codes that was taken from the ADT package. This field is used to determine whether or not to DC IV ORDERS due to SERVICE transfer.
102.2*last interward transferIVD;3NUMERIC This field is updated by the IV PACKAGE every time this particular patient has any 'IV ACTION'. This field represents the last INTERWARD TRANSFER NUMBER for the LAST ADMISSION NUMBER. This field is used to determine whether or not to DC IV ORDERS due to WARD TRANSFER. ORDERS due to SERVICE transfer.
103*last iv order converted (4.0)5.1;9NUMERIC This is the last IV order for a patient that had it's data converted to the New Person file (200).
104 conversion completed?5.1;11SET OF CODES1:VERSION 5
This field contains a 1 if the conversion to the patient's orders for version 5.0 has completed. It contains a 2 if the conversion to the patient's orders for Pharmacy Ordering Enhancement (POE) has completed. It contains a 3 if the patient's IV orders existed prior to BCMA V.2.0 has updated the Verifying Pharmacist field.
105bcma idIVBCMA;0MULTIPLE55.0105This is the unique barcode ID in the format DFN_"V"_ID# ex: 740V1.
106other language preferenceLAN;1BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is used to identify patients who have another language preference for printing medication instructions on bottle labels.
106.1pmi language preferenceLAN;2SET OF CODES1:ENGLISH
This field will be used to determine the default language preference for printing the PMI sheets at the CMOPs.
108scriptalk enrollment activitySCTALK;0MULTIPLE55.0108This multiple contains the history log information for ScripTalk enrollment activities for a patient.

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  1. PHARMACY SYSTEM (59.7) -- last patient converted to v4, last patient converted (iv)