This file stores all information specific to each individual Request Queue. It defines how the entries in each queue will be processed, how often the processed entries in the queue will be purged, etc. This file also stores all Requests and Request-specific data for this queue, i.e. the parameters passed in by the calling program as well as the information generated while the VDEF Request Processor program is handling this request.
.01request queue name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBName of this Request Queue that uniquely identifies it.
.02request queue wakeup period(+)0;2FREE TEXTA period of time (in days, hours, minutes, and seconds) that TaskMan uses to calculate how long to wait before it resumes processing the Request queue.
.03last entry checked out0;3NUMERICIEN of the last Checked Out entry in sub-file 579.31.
.04archival parameter(+)0;4NUMERICThe minimum number of seconds an already processed entry in a Request Queue will be kept in the Queue for archival purposes before it is purged by the VDEF Monitor process.
.05check-out time limit(+)0;5NUMERICThe maximum number of seconds that the oldest Checked Out entry in this queue can be Checked Out for before a MailMan message is sent to the VISTA HL7 IRM account or group.
.06request queue entries1;0MULTIPLE579.31
.08future taskman task number0;8NUMERICNumber of the TaskMan task that was last queued up to handle this Request Queue.
.09suspended flag(+)0;9SET OF CODESS:SUSPENDED
Current status of this VDEF REquest Processor Queue. Turning the Queue off will result in VDEF HL7 message generation for the Queue being suspended until such time when the Queue is turned back on. NOTE: Turning off a Request Queue will not prevent VDEF from adding requests to it. Turning a VDEF Request Queue off for a prolonged period of time may result in a significant number of VDEF Requests accumulating in that Queue and causing disk space problems. If VDEF messaging is to be completely turned off for a Request Queue, the associated VDEF Requestor should be turned off via menu option VDEF (De)Activate Requestor.
.1request process schedule2;0MULTIPLE579.32Define time periods when the Request Processor should not run
.11current taskman task number0;11NUMERICTaskman number of the currently running Request Processor task.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. VDEF REQUESTOR (579.1) -- request queue