This file contains the data associated with the Controlled Substances order requests. Pharmacy dispenses these orders based on data contained on the worksheet printed from this file. This file is purged when orders are delivered to an NAOU or when cancelled. Entries in this file should NOT be edited directly using VA FileMan. The Controlled Substances module contains the appropriate data checks.
.01record number(+)0;1NUMERICBThe record number for this worksheet entry.
1dispensing site(+)0;2POINTER58.8AEThe pharmacy dispensing site (vault) for this Controlled Substances order.
2naou(+)0;3POINTER58.8The Narcotic Area of Use requesting the Controlled Substances order.
3drug(+)0;4POINTER50The Controlled Substances drug requested on this order.
4request #(+)0;5NUMERICThe request number for this Controlled Substances order.
5quantity ordered(+)0;6NUMERICThe drug quantity originally requested on this Controlled Substances order.
6order status(+)0;7POINTER58.82A pointer to the order status for this Controlled Substances request.
7transaction #0;8POINTER58.81If this request is processed by pharmacy, this field contains a pointer to the transaction dispensing this order.
8comments1;0WORD-PROCESSINGComments to pharmacy concerning this Controlled Substances order request.
9manufacturer0;9FREE TEXTThe manufacturer for the drug requested on this order.
10lot #0;10FREE TEXTThe lot number for the drug requested on this order.
11expiration date0;11DATE-TIMEThe expiration date for the drug requested on this order.
12ordered by0;12POINTER200A pointer to the name of the person requesting this Controlled Substances order.
13printed2;1NUMERICThis printed flag will be set to a counter if this request has been printed on a worksheet report. This flag will be used to compile the pharmacy worksheet log used in dispensing Controlled Substances drugs.
14dispensed by0;13POINTER200A pointer to the name of the pharmacist dispensing this Controlled Substances order.
15dispensed date/time0;14DATE-TIMEThe dispensed date/time of this Controlled Substances order.
16pharmacy dispensing #0;15FREE TEXTThe pharmacy control number (Green Sheet #) assigned to identify and track this Controlled Substances order.
17tech0;16POINTER200If a pharmacy technician processed this order, this field will contain a pointer to the name of the technician.
18quantity dispensed0;17NUMERICThe actual drug quantity dispensed from pharmacy for this Controlled Substances order.
19request date/time0;18DATE-TIMEThe date/time this Controlled Substances request was entered by the NAOU.
20ordered by pharmacy0;19POINTER200A pointer to the pharmacy employee's name entering the Controlled Substances request for nursing.
A "YES" entry in this field will cause an order to print on the pharmacy emergency order printer and allow for expedited processing.
22patient2;3POINTER2This field is for infusion and PCA syringe orders.

Not Referenced