This file contains the data for all Controlled Substances drugs destroyed. The entries are listed pending destruction until pharmacy destroys the drug and updates this file. Entries in this file should NOT be edited directly using VA FileMan. The Controlled Substances module contains all necessary data checks.
.01number(+)0;1NUMERICBThe destruction number for this Controlled Substances drug.
1drug0;2POINTER50A pointer to the name of the drug being destroyed.
2quantity0;3NUMERICThe quantity of the drug being destroyed.
3pharmacist turning in drug0;4POINTER200A pointer to the name of the pharmacist turning the drug in for destruction.
4nurse returning drug0;5POINTER200A pointer to the name of the nurse returning the drug to pharmacy for destruction.
5date/time turned in0;6DATE-TIMEThe date/time the drug is turned in for destruction.
6returned to disp site0;7POINTER58.8The pharmacy dispensing site (vault) holding the drug for destruction.
8transaction #0;9POINTER58.81A pointer to the transaction associated with this drug destruction.
9pharmacist destroyed drug0;10POINTER200A pointer to the name of the pharmacist verifying this drug was destroyed.
10date/time destroyed0;11DATE-TIMEThe destruction date/time of this drug.
11no. of containers0;8NUMERICThis field contains the number of containers destroyed. This information is required for DEA Form - 41.
12unit0;12FREE TEXTThe DEA Form - 41 requires that unit be defined for each controlled substance destroyed.
13drug item1;1FREE TEXTThe free-text name of the drug not normally housed within the VA.
14comments2;1FREE TEXTEnter patient name, RX# and reason drug is placed on hold.
15date/time cancelled3;1DATE-TIMEThe date the holding number is being cancelled.
16cancelled by3;2POINTER200A pointer to file# 200 for the name of the pharmacist cancelling the holding number.
17comments3;3FREE TEXTEnter the reason the holding number was cancelled.
18patient returning drug0;13POINTER2A pointer to the name of the patient/person returning the drug for destruction.
19price per dispense unit0;14POINTER50This fld holds the data selected fr file #50,16 660;6.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. DRUG ACCOUNTABILITY TRANSACTION (58.81) -- dest holding #