File contains psychological tests and interviews supported by the national Mental Health System. This file, as officially released, will NOT contain copyrighted tests unless a license has been procured through authorized channels. Exported with data.
.01instrument0;1FREE TEXTBThree to five character instrument CODE or name.
1item numberQ;0MULTIPLE601.02This is a multiple valued field with subfields.
This field will be set to "I" only if the instrument should be administered 'Interactively'.
3test clerical entry number0;3NUMERICThis is the number of items on the clerical (paper form).
4test clerical entry string0;4FREE TEXTThis a string of valid entry option on the clerical (paper form). Such as '012345' or 'ABCDE '.
5test unit price0;5NUMERICThis is the dollar amount (price) for administering the test/interview. This is the price per single test/interview.
6administration codeA;E1,240FREE TEXTThis is the MUMPS code used to administer the instrument. Such as: D ^YTDRIV
7report codeR;E1,240FREE TEXTThis is the MUMPS code used to report the instrument's results. Such as: D ^YTMMPI
8clerk test transformation codeT;E1,240FREE TEXTThis is MUMPS code used to select or convert clerk entered input and alter order of items. This is used by the developer only.
9test copyright holder0;6POINTER601.3This is the name of the copyright holder, usually a shortened code representing the copyright name. Stored is the pointer value, pointing to the COPYRIGHT HOLDER file #601.3.
10test copyright date0;7DATE-TIMEThis is the date of the specific copyright. Useful for identifing versions of the instrument.
If the test is 'VOCATIONAL' in nature and use, this field will be set to "V", otherwise it will be blank.
13print titleP;1FREE TEXTThis is the instrument displayed and printed title. It is the complete name of the instrument.
14test max scale lengthP;2NUMERICThis is the numeric maximum lenght of the scale.
15test scale typeP;3FREE TEXTThis is the scale type, a 1 to 4 character identification. Such as: ' RAW', ' T', and 'STEN'.
16test scale numberS;0MULTIPLE601.01This is a multiple valued field with subfields.
17general report text no.G;0MULTIPLE601.06This is a multiple valued field with subfields.
18male report text numberM;0MULTIPLE601.08This is a multiple valued field with subfields.
19female report text numberF;0MULTIPLE601.1This is a multiple valued field with subfields.
20instrument type0;9SET OF CODESI:INTERVIEW
AIThis is a SET of CODES: "I" for Interview, "T" for Test, "B" for Battery of tests (Group of tests) and "U" for Utility (such as DEMO).
21exempt test0;10BOOLEANY:YES
AEThis field, if SET to "Y", indicates that the test is EXEMPT from APA guidlines for training. All Mental Health professionals have access to exempt tests.
22number of items0;11NUMERICThis is the number of questions.
23number of test scales0;12NUMERICThis is the number of scales used to report patient evaluations for the specific instrument.
24test authors1;1FREE TEXTThis is the name of the instrument's AUTHOR.
25test publisher2;1FREE TEXTThis is the name of the PUBLISHER.
26test form3;1FREE TEXTThis is the name of the TEST FORM for the instrument administered. For example: "1987 Revision", "R", "FIRO-B" or "SHORT FORM 370 QUESTIONS".
27test norms description6;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a word processing field which describes the TEST NORMS. For example: "Tentative norms based upon a sample of 85 college men and 88 college woman." or "No norms provided. Average score is probably near 4.5".
28test uses7;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a word processing field that describes the USES of the test.
29test report description8;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a word processing field which describes the reports that can be derived from the testing instrument.
30interview source4;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is the SOURCE from which the INTERVIEW was derived. For Example: "Based upon the Duke University interview developed by Hugh Angle."
31interview description5;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a word processing field which describes the INTERVIEW. For example: "A relatively comprehensive history aimed at the alcoholic or problem drinker."
This field when SET to "N" indicates that the instrument is NOT operational. This allows the instrument to remain in the data base but can NOT be USED.
33special admin codeC;E1,240FREE TEXTThis is executeable MUMPS code which helps or directs the administration of the instrument.
34form nameP;4FREE TEXTThis is the name of the CLERICAL form for the instrument, such as "AUI-R" or "Revised".
35license status0;14SET OF CODESN:NONE
This field, if SET to "N", indicates that NO LICENSE agreement exists for the instrument.
36form numberP;5FREE TEXTThis a the FORM NUMBER for the CLERICAL form of the instrument, such as form number "A" or form number "1987".
37exempt by0;15POINTER200Name of person flagging the instrument as 'Yes' in the 'EXEMPT TEST' field.
38day limit for restart0;16NUMERICThis field will reflect the value for the maximum number of days that may elapse between an interuption of this instrument and the restart of this instrument. This value, in days, will be used for this instrument ONLY and override the value in the Mental Health Site file. Note that in both fields the day limit is inclusive, so that as long as the elapsed days do not exceed this value then the instrument may be restarted.

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