This file is used as temporary storage space for the interface between the MHA3 DLL and Clinical Reminders. The data in this file cannot be entered manually and is managed by the MHA3 DLL. Data in this file is routinely purged. The data in this file is transferred to files MH Administrations 601.84 and MH Answers 601.85 and then deleted when the Clinical Reminder is completed.
.01id number(+)0;1NUMERICBThis is a unique number identifying this entry. It is the same as the internal .001 DINUM. You may enter 'New' and the correct number will automatically be assgined.
1patient(+)0;2POINTER2The field specifies the patient (File #2) about which the current data applies. This is the DFN that is associated with the Instrument Results.
2response date0;3DATE-TIMEADDate/Time of responses given via the reminder.
3instrument0;4POINTER601.71Instrument from MHA3 file 601.71 that is the basis of the clinical reminder.
4question0;5POINTER601.72Question number from file 601.72 MH Questions. This is the question being asked as part of the specified instrument on which the Clinical Reminder is based.
5answer0;6POINTER601.75This is the MH Choice selected as the answer. This is the answer to the question in field 4.
6legacy value0;7FREE TEXTThe MH Choices file contains the individual selections possible in a multiple choice question. Examples are Yes or No, True or False, 1. Abraham Lincoln, 2. George Washington, 3. George W. Bush or 4. Richard Nixon. For instruments first defined in the legacy system MH INSTRUMENT file (#601), 1-3 characters are specified for a multiple choice answer. If George Washington was the choice selected the legacy value would be 2. Choices are pointed to by the MH CHOICETYPES file (#601.751) which is a collection of choices. Choices are referenced in the MH ANSWERS file (#601.85) as a pointer to the full response. Please remember this field is automatically entered by the MHA3 DLL and Clinical reminders. No user input is allowed.
7is multiple choice0;8SET OF CODESYES:Yes
Yes if Question is of Multiple choice type.
8user0;9POINTER200This is the person who entered the clinical reminder.
9answer text1;0WORD-PROCESSINGFull text of the free text answer. Only populated if the question specified in field 4 is listed as free text in the MH Questions file (601.72).
10handle2;1FREE TEXTAEEnter the Unique identifier of the windows session; formally called the Handle. This is the Windows identification of the process calling the MHA3 DLL.

Not Referenced