.01collection sample0;1POINTER62BEnter the appropriate collection sample(s) for standard processing in the lab. These are the common names the phlebotomists and ward personnel use and would recognize. The first entry will be the "default " collection sample. Points to the COLLECTION SAMPLE file.
1form name/number0;2FREE TEXTThe identification of the proper Lab slip for this test.
2containerCOMPUTEDThis entry uses the COLLECTION SAMPLE field to navigate to the COLLECTION SAMPLE file and retrieve the TUBE TOP COLOR field value.
3min vol (in mls.)0;4NUMERICNumber of milliliters required to perform the test. This number is summed during the creation of the routine phlebotomy collection list to compute the minimum number of samples to collect.
4max. order freq.0;5NUMERICUse this field to control how often a test may be ordered within a certain time period (# of days). The entry will then force the system to remind the ordering person that the order they are placing for this test exceeds the maximum order frequency. If you enter 3, the test may only be ordered once every three days.
4.5single day max order freq0;7NUMERICEnter a number specifying the maximum number of times a test can be ordered in a single day.
5ward remarks1;0WORD-PROCESSINGText to be seen by the ward each time the test is ordered for a specific collection sample.
6lab processing instructions 2;0WORD-PROCESSINGText seen by the lab as the test is received in the accession room.
7required comment0;6POINTER62.07Enter a comment or statement that may be required in regards to this test. Points to EXECUTE CODE file.
500sample wkld code9;0MULTIPLE60.14 If there is a particular WKLD code which is associate the assaying this type of specimen, enter that WKLD code here. For example spinal fluid electrophoresis, this specimen must be concentrated before the procedure can be performed.

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