Contain information required for the processing of management reports for Seclusion/Restraint.
.01file entry date(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBActual date/time of entry of transaction into file. This field is transparent to the user.
.02name(+)0;2POINTER2CName (DFN) of patient placed under seclusion and/or restraint for this episode.
.03date/time applied(+)0;3DATE-TIMEDate/time seclusion and/or restraint actually applied to patient.
.04ward(+)0;4POINTER44Ward (hospital location) seclusion/restraint occurred.
.05name of nurse present(+)0;5POINTER200Supervisory nurse responsible for carrying out of seclusion/restraint action.
.06nursing shift(+)0;6POINTER211.6Nursing shift during which seclusion/restraint episode commenced.
.08patient searched0;8BOOLEANY:YES
Question as to whether or not a patient was searched for possible harmful objects on his/her person.
.09search comment2;0WORD-PROCESSINGIf a patient was not searched, a reason must be given as to why the procedure was not done.
4initial transcriber(+)1;4POINTER200Person placing information into file. TRANSPARENT TO USER.
5type of seclusion/restraint5;0MULTIPLE615.34Manner in which seclusion/restraint is performed.
6attempted alternatives6;0MULTIPLE615.35Different clinical strategies employed prior to placing patient into seclusion/restraint.
7diagnosis(+)7;1FREE TEXTThe diagnosis may be an actual DSM diagnosis selected from the PTF file or it may be a perceived diagnosis by caretaker.
10reasons for s/r10;0MULTIPLE615.21A reason for the seclusion/restraint action.
15medications15;0MULTIPLE615.23A list of medications given to the patient during this seclusion/restraint episode.
20behavior required for release20;0MULTIPLE615.24Actions required on the part of the patient prior to release from seclusion/restraint.
25ordered by(+)25;1POINTER200Caretaker responsible for initiating the seclusion/restraint action.
26order type(+)25;2SET OF CODESw:WRITTEN
Method by which the seclusion/restraint order was conveyed by the responsible caretaker to appropriate personnel.
27date/time of order(+)25;3DATE-TIMEDate and time the order was written, phoned or the situation required emergency action.
28date order changed(+)25;4DATE-TIMEField will only contain data when the order is altered. It indicates the date and time the order was changed. TRANSPARENT TO USER.
30general comments30;0WORD-PROCESSINGAdditional comments concerning this seclusion/restraint episode.
40release ordered by(+)40;1POINTER200Caretaker ordering cessation of seclusion/restraint order.
41personnel effecting release(+)40;2POINTER200Personnel actually performing release of patient from seclusion/restraint.
42time removed(+)40;3DATE-TIMEActual date/time release was performed.
43release transcriber(+)40;4POINTER200Person entering release information into file. TRANSPARENT TO USER.
44release filed(+)40;5DATE-TIMEDate/time release information placed in file. TRANSPARENT TO USER.
45circumstances/further actions45;0WORD-PROCESSINGNarrative concerning release action and possible follow-up care.
50reviewed by(+)50;1POINTER200Personnel, in authority, reviewing action.
O:OTHER (See Reviewer's Comments)
Decision of the reviewer as to whether or not action taken was appropriate.
52actual date of review(+)50;3DATE-TIMEActual date/time review was made by personnel.
53review transcriber(+)50;4POINTER200Personnel entering review into file. TRANSPARENT TO USER.
54review filed(+)50;5DATE-TIMEActual date/time review entered into file by transcriber.
55reviewer's comments55;0WORD-PROCESSINGNarrative of additional comments provided by the reviewer.
60observation check time60;0MULTIPLE615.3A history of observations performed during a single patient episode.

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