File stores information concerning indivdual treatment teams assigned to wards.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name of the sub-unit to be documented. Teams may be comprised of physicians, nursing teams, primary therapists, etc. A team may be responsible for all patients on a ward or for a portion of the patient population on a ward.
.5ward location1;1POINTER42AWDThis is a pointer to the hospital location file. Each team has one ward location.
.7synonym(+)1;2FREE TEXTCThis is a short name for the team. Its use is mainly for ease of selection.
This field is to be used only if a team is no longer active. If this field contains "1", admits to this team will no longer be allowed.
.9report order(+)1;6NUMERICThis is the order that this team will be shown on reports relative to other teams of the same ward. Enter a number that allows easy changes later ie 10,20,30 rather than 1,2,3.
1physician0;2POINTER200This is the primary physician for this team.
2psychologist0;3POINTER200This is the primary psychologist for this team.
3social worker0;4POINTER200This is the primary social worker for this team.
4primary nurse0;5POINTER200This is the primary nurse for this team.
5vocational specialist0;6POINTER200This is the primary vocational specialist for this team.
6therapist 10;7POINTER200This is a therapist on this team.
7therapist 20;8POINTER200This is a therapist on the team.
8team leader0;9POINTER200This is the staff member with responsibility for coordinating team activity.
9team beds(+)1;3NUMERICThis is the number of team beds. This field is used in reporting and for admission rotation purposes.
10admit in rotation(+)1;4BOOLEAN0:NO
If answered "1", team rotation status will be displayed. Team rotation is strictly linear (i.e., one team receives an admission and goes to the end of the rotation list). Remaining teams move up in rotation. Teams whose admission allotment have been filled are identified. This rotation system is for display only. Automatic team assignments are not made by the In-Patient Features Option of the Mental Health System.
11local title for listed staff(+)0;10FREE TEXTThis is the title for the staff member to be tied to a patient. Examples include, "coordinator", "primary therapist", "case manager", "primary nurse".
12master tx plan dueTXP;1NUMERICThis is the number of days following admission that a treatment plan must be placed in the medical record. Current range is 1 to 120 days.
13treatment plan update dueTXP;2NUMERICThis is the number of days following the master treatment plan that updates are required. Current range is 1 to 120 days.
22interview/testTEST;0MULTIPLE618.21This is a listing of tests and interviews routinely reviewed by the psychologist. It allows quick looks at administrations of test batteries.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. MENTAL HEALTH CENSUS (618) -- default team, team rotation 1, team rotation 2, team rotation 3, team rotation 4, team rotation 5
  2. MENTAL HEALTH INPT (618.4) -- team, current team