The DSM MODIFIERS (#627.9) file contains the modifiers used by the DSM-III-R and DSM-IV diagnostic codes. Originally, this file was named DSM-III-R MODIFIERS, had 36 entries, and was used exclusively for DSM-III-R purposes. When the DSM-IV software was created, this file was renamed, generically, to DSM MODIFIERS. When the DSM-IV modifiers were released, the following was true: 1. The 36 entries in the original DSM-III-R MODIFIERS file were identical to the first 36 entries in the DSM-IV modifiers. 2. Entries after 37, were not present in the DSM-III-R MODIFIERS file; they were truly new, unique entries. When the DSM-IV modifiers were released the following changes were made to the file: 1. The PROMPT field (#1) was changed from 200 to 230 characters 2. The file name was changed as noted above 3. The file description was changed. 4. A new multiple field - DSM VERSION - was added to the DSM MODIFIERS file. It was assigned field number 4. The purpose of this field was to track the versions by which each modifier entry was used. (Therefore, the first 36 entries have two entries in this multiple: DSM-III-R and DSM-IV. And, the entries unique to DSM-IV, entries after 37, have one entry in the multiple: DSM-IV.)
.001number11This is the internal entry number of the record. Defined so that the Modifier may be selected by number or by ENTRY NAME.
.01entry name(+)0;1NUMERICBThis a sequentual number naming the specific modifier, such as modifier number 1. Gives modifier description uniqueness.
1prompt(+)0;2FREE TEXTThis is a prompt which is displayed for the different modifiers. Usually, the prompt specifies the various selection (modifier) choices. At times, prompts are displayed for informational purposes, and no user response is possible.
2replies1;0MULTIPLE627.92After the prompt is displayed, and the user has selected the desired modifier or modifiers (see field description under ASK MORE THAN ONCE field), the value of the selected prompt is not stored; the value of the STANDS FOR field is stored. (Usually, the selection prompt (contained in the PROMPT field) and the value of the STANDS FOR field are identical.)
3ask more than once2;1BOOLEANY:YES
This field indicates if the modifier prompt should be presented (asked) more than once. This would allow for more than one choice.
4dsm versions4;0MULTIPLE627.904This multiple records every DSM version under which the DSM Modifier file entry has been used.

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