This file is used by each laboratory to define specific information about the types of antibacterial antibiotics your laboratory uses. (NOTE: TB drugs do not have entries in this file.) It contains approximately 40 pre-supplied entries. Each of the entries may be defined according to the needs of your hospital. Information which is site-configurable for each antibiotic includes the sensitivity result (S,I or R), the interpretation for each type of result, the type of specimen the antibiotic is used on, the type of template the system uses to display the result and the abbreviation. (The abbreviation is also used to report these antibiotics on the specialized 'Infection Control' and 'Antibiotic Trends' microbiology reports. ^LAB(62.06,"AJ",'DRUG NODE','INTERPRETATION')="" ^LAB(62.06,"AI",'DRUG NODE') = INTERNAL # ANTIBIOTIC ^ ABBREVIATION ^LAB(62.06,"AI",'DRUG NODE','RESULT') = INTERPRETATION ^LAB(62.06,"AI",'DRUG NODE','RESULT','ORGANISM (INTRP)','SPECIMEN (INTRP)') = ALTERNATE INTERPRETATION ^LAB(62.06,"AS",'DRUG NODE') = DEFAULT SCREEN ^LAB(62.06,"AS",'DRUG NODE','ORGANISM (SCREEN)','SPECIMEN (SCREEN)') = ALTERNATE SCREEN ^LAB(62.06,"AO",'PRINT ORDER','NUMBER')=""
.001number11The internal number associated with the name. This number determines the sequence of display of antibiotics.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe name of the antibiotic.
.5print order(+)0;7NUMERICAOThe print order will determine the order in which the antibiotic will be displayed on reports.
1drug node0;2FREE TEXTADDefines the position of the NAME in the database. The subscript location of the antibiotic in the LAB DATA file.
1.1afb drug node0;9FREE TEXTDefines the position of the NAME in the database. The subscript location of the AFB antibiotic in the LAB DATA file.
2susceptibility result1;0MULTIPLE62.061This is a multiple field. It contains the susceptibility result and the interpretation.
3*primary display2;0MULTIPLE62.062No longer used. Will be deleted after 1/89. It is the display template that this antibiotic is to be included on.
4display comment0;3FREE TEXTThis field contains any relevant comment that is to be displayed with this antibiotic susceptibility.
5internal name0;4POINTER63The internally used name of the antibiotic, usually a shortened version.
5.1afb internal name0;8POINTER63
6abbreviation0;5FREE TEXTDThis is the three letter abbreviation used in the INFECTION CONTROL and ANTIBIOTIC TREND reports. An abbreviation must be defined for all antibiotics that need to go on these reports. The order of the antibiotics on the report is determined by the order number (internal file number) of the antibiotic entry in the file.
The DEFAULT SCREEN may be used to specify how the antibiotic results and/or interpretation will be displayed. 'A' will always display the result, 'N' will never display the result (unless the user has the LRLAB key), 'R' restricts the display so that the result is only displayed if the interpretation of all antibiotics that are always displayed is resistant. No entry in this field will default to 'A'. This screen may be overridden by an ALTERNATE SCREEN (organism and/or specimen specific) or by direct user input of a screen when entering results.
8alternate screen3;0MULTIPLE62.08 If for some reason the screen should be different for certain specimens or organisms, when compared to the normal display, indicate how the system should handle these cases.
64national va lab code64;1POINTER64This field is used to map antimicrobial susceptibilty in file 62.06 to the VA National Labe codes found in file 64.

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