Master file controlling how the Lab system interprets the running of the instruments interfaced to the CORE system.
.001number11The internal number for this auto instrument. It ties the routines running on a line or data concentrator to this particular file for the rest of the information within the file.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe name of the instrument.
.02vendor card address9;9FREE TEXT The vendor card address should be stored in this field for Lab HL7 message downloads using Lab Universal Interface software.
.04short accession # length9;10NUMERICThis field should be used to pad accession numbers based on the fixed length entered for this instrument.
.14wkld methodSUF;1POINTER64.2Indicate what method the system should use as a default value for workload identification purposes.
.15wkld code method nameSUF;2FREE TEXT This field is automatically filled in when a selection of wkld code method name is made. I represents an eye readable name of the code selected.
.16wkld code suffixSUF;3FREE TEXT Indicate what suffix should be used as a default value for this instrument.
1echo device0;2POINTER3.5This is the port name under ZIS which would echo the information from the automated instrument which has gone through the data concentrating device to the main computer back to the laboratory to indicate that all the data lines are intact, and that the values are actually getting all the way back to the computer.
2program0;3FREE TEXTCThe name of the processing program for this instrument. The program name must be unique for each entry in this file. The program that monitors the data coming from the instruments is designated LAB. It is run by the task manager and runs continuously.
3load/work list(+)0;4POINTER68.2This points to the single worklist where processed data from the LA global is to be directed.
5entry for lagen routine(+)0;6SET OF CODESLOG:Accession cross-reference
LLIST:Tray-cup or sequence x-ref
IDENT:Invoice number cross-reference
SEQN:Run order
This is a line label in the LAGEN routine designating the entry point.
6cross linked by(+)0;7FREE TEXTThe variable internal to the the Program (field 2), contains the value used in the Entry for LAGEN Routine (field 5). This entry is generally supplied when the program is written for the instrument. Also see documentation on LAPX routine in technical manual.
8message configuration0;8POINTER62.48
9*echo all input0;9BOOLEAN0:NO
If this field is set, then all input strings to the LA routine will be echoed to the echo device. That is, all raw data from the instrument will be echoed before any cross-referencing is done.
10method0;10FREE TEXTDThis is the name of the method or instrument used.
11default accession area0;11POINTER68This field contains the default accession list name for this instrument. Points to FILE #68.
12overlay data0;12BOOLEAN0:NO
Setting this field to YES will cause a rerun of instrument data to overlay existing data.
18store remarks0;17BOOLEAN0:NO
This field controls if comments that are associated with an accession or specimen are stored with the results. The default is NO. There is a similar companion field at the test level which controls comments associated with tests results.
20new data1;E1,200FREE TEXTThis is a string of executable code which is used whenever a new string of data starts to come from the automated instrument.
25restart2;E1,200FREE TEXTThis is a string of executable code which restarts everything for this particular instrument if there has been a power failure, or if the routines have become totally lost. If error conditions have occurred, it can restart itself.
26handshake response.5;E1,200FREE TEXTIf the instrument requires a handshake response, this field contains the executable MUMPS code to set the response into the variable OUT. eg. S OUT=$C(6) (OUT contains the ASCII character 6 "ACK")
27ack trigger value0;13NUMERIC This field contains the sequence used to acknowledge an auto instrument. Not all instruments utilize this field.
28ack response value0;14NUMERIC If this instrument setup instructions indicate a standard ack value is required by the instrument, enter the $C(X) for the acknowledgment. Not all instruments make use of this field. Where X= the ascii number of the ACK character.
29direct device.75;1POINTER3.5This field is used when bypassing the LSI. It is the name of the device that is used to communicate with a direct connect instrument.
30chem tests3;0MULTIPLE62.41This is a multiple field that keeps track of tests being done in the instrument It allows one to be exclusive of tests which the instrument passes, as well as inclusive of the tests the machine passes which had not been ordered from the test panel for the patient. It means, for example, if the order was glucose, sodium, and a number of other tests, but not the entire ASTRA panel, but the laboratory chooses to run on the ASTRA, all the tests can be included in the verified data. To exclude large amounts of data, for example, the Hematrak passes distribution data about the slide that it has examined, information which may or may not be appropriate for the laboratory to pass on to the ward.
31load chem tests0;5SET OF CODEST:TC ARRAY
This field is used by the LASET routine to determine what to do with the chem test sub-file. T or blank moves the data into the TC array. U moves the data into the ^UTILITY("LA",$J, global. N don't move at all. The value will be returned in LALCT.
40alarm terminal4;0MULTIPLE62.42This is a multiple field. It contains the names/numbers of devices which will report the status of the interface. This field is inactive for V 4.16
60micro card type7;0MULTIPLE62.43This entire sub-field is at present devoted to supporting BI-DIRECTIONAL interfacing of Microbiology instrumentation. If you are not attempting to interface one these types of instruments, you may ignore this entire sub-field. If you are attempting to interface such an instrument, there are examples available for various instruments. Check FORUM for a current listing of instruments which are interfacable.
70interface notes8;0WORD-PROCESSINGNotes on how to setup the instrument to run with the lab package, and other useful information on interfacing this instrument.
91download entry9;1FREE TEXT Enter the line tag of the routine used to down load data to the instrument. DO NOT USE '^' ON THIS LINE TAG. IT WILL BE HANDLED BY THE PROCESSING ROUTINE.
92download protocol routine9;2FREE TEXT Enter the name of the routine used to down load data to the instrument.
93file build entry9;3FREE TEXT If it is necessary to build down load files for the instrument, enter the line Tag of the routine that builds the fields.
94file build routine9;4FREE TEXTEnter the name of the routine used to build the down load files for this instrument.
95send tray/cup location9;5BOOLEANN:no
This field will contain the default answer to the question, Send Tray/Cup location, used by some Bi-Directional routines.
96queue build9;6BOOLEANN:no
This field contains the Default answer to Queue to build Question.
This field specifies how the data being processed should be handled.
98auto download9;8BOOLEAN0:NO
100meth name5;1POINTER62.4ACThis is a statistical method name to be used by this instrument. Example: Bull Algorithm. See for example the MANUAL BULL ALGOR. entry. The entry usually would point to itself. Example: Bull Algorithm. See for example the MANUAL BULL ALGOR. entry. The entry usually would point to itself.
101mean data value 15;2NUMERICExpected mean value for Bull's algorithm for first of three results. E.g., MCV on a blood count determination.
102mean data value 25;3NUMERICExpected mean value for Bull's algorithm for second of three results. E.g., MCH on a blood count determination.
103mean data value 35;4NUMERICExpected mean value for Bull's algorithm for third of three results. E.g., MCHC on a blood count determination.
105micro auto approval method0;15SET OF CODESRE:Results Entry
VT:Verification by Tech
VS:Verification by Supervisor
Select the method to be used with this instrument during verification. This entry will allow RPT DATE APPROVAL prompt during verification. The default is VS [Verify Supervisor] If one wants the reports to released and verified, enter VS. Other wise a supervisor must release the reports before being verified and printed to the cumulative. Note. This field is associated with the field MICRO APPROVAL METHOD in Lab Reports file. Make sure they agree and are appropriate for your site. THIS FIELD IS ONLY USED FOR MICROBIOLOGY AUTOMATED INSTRUMENTS.
106default auto micro test0;16POINTER60 This is the default laboratory test name to be used to record workload for each organism when using the automated Micro instrument to verify test.
107site notes date6;0MULTIPLE62.4107 Date of the note.

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