This file is used to define and described a relationship between two facilities, a collecting facility and a host facility, for the collecting, processing, receipting and reporting of laboratory testing of clinical specimens. It is used to control the building of shipping manifests which are used as shipping documents for the transport of clinical specimens between the facilities which make up the configuration. It controls how the specimens are processed at both facilities and the means and methods used to communicate test orders and results for these two entities.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field is used to give a name to a pair of facilities that have entered into a relationship in which the collecting facility sends the host facility laboratory specimens for clinical testing.
.02collecting facility(+)0;2POINTER4CThis field is used to designate the collecting facility that is part of a shipping configuration.
.03host facility(+)0;3POINTER4This field is used to designate the host facility that is part of a shipping configuration.
.031host facility's system(+)0;11POINTER4EThe name of the institution which houses the computer system of the host which will be receiving the order.
This field is used to designate whether this shipping configuration is "active", i.e. selectable by the user for use in building, processing and receipting shipments of laboratory test.
.05collecting facility's spec id(+)0;5SET OF CODES0:COLLECTING FACILITY
This field is used to determine the source of the specimen id (Lab UID) used to identify a specimen. It is used by the Host facility when accessioning tests requests from Collecting facilities to determine if the Host facility needs to generate a new specimen id/label or use the specimen id/label from the Collecting facility. If both the Collecting and Host facilities on operating on the same computer system then select #3 - SAME SYSTEM.
.06collecting facility's system0;6POINTER4DThe name of the institution which houses the computer system from which the sender transmitted/sent the order.
.07lab messaging link0;7POINTER62.48This field is used to link a shipping configuration with an electronic transmission of shipping manifests. When a shipping manifest is shipped, this field is checked to determine if the software should transmit the orders on the manifest to the host facility. It identifies the entry in the LA7 MESSAGE PARAMETER file #62.8 to use for building and transmitting the manifest.
.08shipping method0;8POINTER62.92This field is used to designate the method of shipment used by a shipping configuration. Examples could be courier, taxi, commercial carrier, etc.
.09barcode manifest0;9SET OF CODES0:NO
This field determines if site/patient/specimen information is barcoded on the shipping manifest when it has a status of "shipped". There are two styles of bar codes. The regular style (code="YES"), which was released with the original version of Laboratory Electronic Data Interchange (LEDI), produces a long bar code. If the receiving site, which is reading these type of bar codes, has problems then switch to the compact style (code="YES-COMPACT"). This will produce a shorter bar code.
.1manifest receipt0;10BOOLEAN0:NO
Allows site to have a receipt printed with a shipping manifest when the status of the manifest is "SHIPPED". This receipt can be used to record acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment by the courier service used to transport the specimens to the host facility.
.11other system identifier0;12FREE TEXTIf this entry is used to communicate with a non-VA, non-DoD system, enter the 2-3 alpha character identifier used to uniquely identify this system. This identifier is used in constructing the HL7 application name and facility and resolving identification of institutions during HL7 message building and processing. This field is not used when VistA is communicating with a VA or DoD facility. These facilities are identified by their VA station number or DoD DMIS ID respectively.
.12account number0;13FREE TEXTIf the system that you are shipping to requires an account number for billing or other purposes enter the number here. It will be printed on shipping manifests and transmitted in electronic messages if applicable.
.13include uncollected specimens0;14BOOLEAN0:NO
If specimens that are still pending receipt in lab are to build on a shipping manifest then answer "YES". If only specimens that have been received in the lab, i.e. have a lab arrival time, are to build then answer "NO". If field is blank then default is "NO".
.14test coding system0;15SET OF CODES0:NLT
If orders are being sent to a non-VA facility and the facility can not accept VA test order codes then answer with the type of coding system. "NON-VA" indicates that the other system is using a local coding system. The laboratory shipping software will then use the non-VA test codes entered for each test on this configuration. If the non-VA facility can accept VA test codes then answer "NLT" and the software will sent VA test order codes. VA test order codes are usually NLT codes but in the future may be LOINC codes. Selecting "LOINC" is currently not supported. Support will be added in a future version of the LEDI software when LOINC coding has been implemented within VA facilities.
.15specimen coding system0;16SET OF CODES0:HL7 TABLE 0070
Collecting facility: If orders are sent to a non-VA facility and the facility can not receive HL7 specimen codes from HL7 table 0070 then answer with the type of coding system "LOCAL". Host facility: If orders are received from a non-VA facility and the facility can not transmit HL7 specimen codes from HL7 table 0070 then answer with the type of coding system "LOCAL".
44ordering location44;0MULTIPLE62.9003Use this field to specify specific ordering locations used by this configuration. Only those ordering locations defined will attempt to build to a manifest related to this configuration. This field is useful when an accession area is shared by a division that has multiple physical locations which ship independently of each other. It allows specimens from selected locations to build to a manifest and avoid adding specimens from other locations that match on other criteria - accession area, division, test. If there are no ordering locations specified then ordering location will not be a factor is selecting and placing an accession on a manifest related to this configuration.
60test/profile60;0MULTIPLE62.9001This multiple is used to define the tests and criteria that is used to determine which tests/specimens are built on a shipping manifest used by this configuration. If you need to have the same test in more than once to support different specimen/urgency criteria then enter the test name enclosed in "" to add the same test.

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