This file contains HBHC Provider data. The Provider name field is a pointer to VA(200).
.01number(+)0;1NUMERICBThis field represents unique 4 numeric digit HBPC provider number assigned to each person who has any FTEE charged to HBPC. 4 digit number should be structured as follows: - first digit contains 1 for nonstudents, 2 for students - second digit contains 0 thru 8 indicating discipline as follows: 0 RN 1 LPN, LVN, Home Health Aide or Tech, Nursing Assistant 2 Social Worker 3 OT, PT, CT, Rehabilitation Therapist 4 Dietitian, Nutritionist 5 Physician 6 Nurse Practitioner 7 Clinical Pharmacist 8 Other - third & fourth digits contain 0 thru 99 indicating individual provider as follows: 0 first staff member in discipline 1 second staff member in discipline 2 third staff member in discipline, etc. All students in a particular discipline should share the same HBPC provider number (e.g. all RN students would be 200). New provider numbers are issued only when FTEE is increased. Provider number '190' can be used as a 'catch-all' category if the need arises.
1provider name(+)0;2POINTER200CThis field represents HBHC provider's name in New Person (200) file. Person must exist in VA(200) for HBHC selection, since LAYGO is not allowed.
2degree0;3FREE TEXTThis field represents degree held by HBHC provider. Field allows 1-15 characters of free text.
3grade/step0;4FREE TEXTThis field represents grade/step of HBHC provider. Field must be in 99/99 or xxx/99 format (e.g. 11/4 for grade 11, step 4 or SR/11 for Senior grade, step 11). The format allows for 1-2 numerics or 1-3 alphabetic characters, 1 slash ('/'), and 1-2 numerics.
4ftee on hbhc0;5NUMERICThis field represents FTEE charged to HBHC service, and must be between 0 and 1, with 2 decimal digits allowed. (e.g. '.5' or '1.0')
5hbhc team(+)0;6POINTER633This field represents HBHC team name, referencing HBHC Team (633) file entries. Team must exist in HBHC Team file, since LAYGO is not allowed.
6inactive provider number0;7SET OF CODES1:Inactive Provider Number
ACThis field represents whether HBHC Provider Number is active. As of 10/1/96, each HBHC Provider may have only 1 unique HBHC Provider Number active at any point in time. All other provider numbers must be Inactive Provider Numbers.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. HBHC PATIENT (631) -- person completing evl/adm form, person completing d/c form, case manager
  2. HBHC VISIT (632) -- provider