This file is used to store extracted DSS clinical data. The calling application is responsible for purging the data before and after a call is made to the laboratory API routine LRCAPDAR. The structure and contents of this file is to support DSS extraction of specific clinical values to monitor patient treatment effectiveness. This file is not for local use and should only be used by the DSS calling application. This file is solely for DSS utilization. Criteria for data extraction of clinical values is specified the DSS LAB TESTS (#727.2) file. The file is populated by the DSS Coordinator with the advise of the Laboratory Information Manager (LIM). Populating DSS LAB TESTS file without the approval of the LIM will lead to unexpected or unreliable data extraction performance. Normally there is no residual data stored in this file and journaling is not required.
.01seq #(+)0;1NUMERICB This is an incremental number for entries into this file.
1pointed to file0;2FREE TEXTThis field contains the point to the file that identifies the specimen source.
2dfn0;3NUMERICThis field contains the IEN of the pointed to file identified in POINTED TO FILE (#1) field.
3date ordered0;4DATE-TIME This field contains the date the order was placed.
4time ordered0;5FREE TEXTThis field contains the time the order was placed.
5date results avail0;6DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date the results were available (verified and released).
6time results avail0;7FREE TEXTThis field contains the time the results were available (verified and released).
7specimen0;8POINTER61This field contains the pointer to TOPOGRAPHY FIELD (#61) file to identify the specimen source.
8results1;0MULTIPLE64.368This is a multiple that contains result information for the extracted tests.
9extraction data2;0MULTIPLE64.369This is a multiple field to extraction parameters. Usually there is only one created and it is created for the first entry. Test extraction result data is stored the next available internal entry number.
10specimen collection date0;9DATE-TIME The date specimen was collected.
11specimen collection time0;10FREE TEXT The time the specimen was collected.
12provider0;11POINTER200This is the ordering provider of record for this set of test results.

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