This file contains a listing of National approved Workload Suffix codes. These codes are published by the Director of Pathology and Laboratory Service VACO. THIS FILE SHOULD NOT BE EDITED LOCALLY. As new procedure and instrumentation becomes available, additional entries will be distributed to all VAMC sites. Forward all request for additional codes not found in this file, contact Pathology Central Office, Attention Asst. Director for DHCP affairs.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBName of the method to be used in LMIP workload recording. The starting data base was obtained from College of Clinical Pathologist (CAP) Laboratory Recording Method manual by permission of the college. Howver the CAP codes have been expanded and new numbering scheme developed by Department of Veteran Affairs. These entries support the Workload recording file design to allow automated collection and reporting of laboratory workload.
.05synonym1;0MULTIPLE64.23 This field is used for a shorten name or alternate identifier.
1wkld suffix code(+)0;2FREE TEXTCEnter the four digit suffix code, including the decimal point, for this instrument and manufacturer.
2unit weight0;3NUMERIC The numerical value assigned to this suffix should be entered in this field.
4billable procedure0;5BOOLEAN1:YES
Is this procedure reportable with respect to CLIA-88 interpretation of total number of (billable/reportable) test count.
5reserved 10;6FREE TEXTEnter the segment of the VA Amis form the total value should be entered.
6unit for count0;7POINTER64.22Defines for each procedure what is to be counted to obtain the raw count.
7cost0;10NUMERIC If the site wished to assign a locally derived cost figure for this suffix it can be entered into this field.
8price0;11NUMERIC This field is not use to determine price or cost. Only the Cost and Price fields of WKLD CODE files are used by reports. This field is over written when new codes are constructed by joining prefix code to suffix codes. Prefix code cost used for all new codes.
9sorting group0;12FREE TEXT This field is intended to be used by the local site. This field is not used by the wkld package, but this field could be used to enable the site to sort on this field using FileMan.
10special code0;13BOOLEAN1:YES
If this suffix code is an experimentally assigned value, enter YES.
11manufacturer0;14POINTER64.3DEnter the manufacturer of the instrument having this WKLD code suffix.
12wkld code lab section(+)0;15POINTER64.21 This field contains the nationally assign section for this suffix. This field will be used during national rollup.
13reserved 30;16NUMERIC This field is not used by version 5.2. A later version may make use of this field.
15activate wkld code0;17BOOLEAN1:YES
AC This field can be used to determine if this suffix has been used in previous reports by setting this field to yes. Then sort on this field using Fileman for print outs.
16batch analyzer0;18BOOLEAN1:YES
If this particular suffix is for a batch analyzer, set this field to yes.
18print name2;1FREE TEXTThis is the print name of the test.
19vendor2;2FREE TEXTThis is the normal free text name of the Manufacturer.

Referenced by 4 types

  1. AUTO INSTRUMENT (62.4) -- wkld method
  2. LOAD/WORK LIST (68.2) -- wkld method
  3. LAB LOINC (95.3) -- method type
  4. VBECS WORKLOAD CAPTURE (6002.01) -- workload method