This file contains the design for the output format for the cummulative report and the supervisor's reports. The formats may be done with tests top to bottom, or left to right; and dates in forward or reverse chronology.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThere can be only ONE cumulative reports entry.
1in/out patient0;6SET OF CODES1:INPATIENT ONLY
This field allows for the turning on or off the ability to print outpatient or inpatient lab results on the cumulative report. No entry will print all patients. Entry of 1 will print only inpatients. Entry of 2 will print only outpatients.
2report name3;0MULTIPLE64.56This is an arbitrary report name.
3micro reports0;5SET OF CODESF:Print only FINAL micro reports
P:Print PRELIMINARY & FINAL micro reports
By choosing an entry for this field, microbiology reports will be included with the cumulative. There are three options available. 1. A null entry means that no micro reports will be included. 2. An entry of "F" means that only 'FINAL' micro reports will print. 3. An entry of "P" means that 'PRELIMINARY' and 'FINAL' reports will print. A PRELIMINARY report is one that has a report date approved entered. A FINAL report is one that has been verified using the Verify by Supervisor option.
3.5blood bank reports0;8BOOLEAN1:YES
Enter 'YES' if blood bank results are to be printed along with the cumulative report.
4file room0;4BOOLEAN1:YES
If this field has an entry, then all patients that are considered outpatients (no definition in ^DPT(DFN,.1)), will have their cumulative printed for location: FILE ROOM. No cumulative will be printed for the requesting location or clinic.
5top/bot(+)0;2SET OF CODEST:TOP
This field determines whether the 'VAMC' field is printed at the top of the form or at the bottom of the form.
6separate report location5;0MULTIPLE64.57An entry to a separate report location
7report date0;3DATE-TIMEREPORT DATE field is used by cumulative routines to keep record of the most recent cumulative report date. DO NOT edit this field as part of the initial file set-up.
8completed date0;7DATE-TIME This field contains the date the test was completed and verified.
9med center name (misc header)0;9FREE TEXTThe Text entered in this field is printed as the Medical Center name on the MISCELLANEOUS HEADERS of the Cumulative report.
10major header1;0MULTIPLE64.51The major or general heading of the report. The first four letters of the major header name is used as an index flag at the bottom of each page.
11micro approval method0;10SET OF CODESRE:Results Entry
VT:Verification by Tech
VS:Verification by Supervisor
This field contains the what approval method required before this test result can be printed.
14sort by patient4;1BOOLEAN1:YES
An entry of 'YES' will cause the supervisor summary to sort by patient name instead of patient location.
15daily summary reports2;0MULTIPLE64.54This report is built from the cumulative. It is queued automatically through the OPTION file and TASK MANAGER.
16file room report date6;1DATE-TIMEThis field is used if the site wishes to print the FILEROOM location on a different schedule than the regular Cumulative print. If this feature is utilized, the last date the FILEROOM location(s) were printed is stored in this field.
17separate file room6;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is used to designate the FILE ROOM Cumulative being printed on a schedule different from the regular cumulative. To utilize this feature the following needs to be setup. 1. Set field #4, FILE ROOM, to "YES" - this sorts all non-inpatients to two locations, FILE ROOM1 and FILE ROOM2, based on terminal digit of SSN. 2. Set field #17, SEPARATE FILE ROOM, to "YES" - this tells the cumulative that you are printing the FILE ROOM on a schedule different from the regular cumulative schedule. 3. For regular FILE ROOM patients, set up one or two reports as follows: If one report - starting location: FILE ROOM1 ending location: FILE ROOM2 If two reports - first report - starting location: FILE ROOM1 ending location: FILE ROOM1 second report - starting location: FILE ROOM2 ending location: FILE ROOM2 Define the other fields as with a regular report. 4. If you also want to print certain locations to an alternate file room, such as a file room at a satellite clinic then perform the following in addition to #3 above. Enter the location(s) that you want to print as a separate report location by entering them in the "SEPARATE REPORT LOCATION, field #6. Enter in field #1, "ALTERNATE FILE ROOM" the name to use for this file room. This name will be concatenated with "FILE ROOM". e.g. "DALLAS OPC would result in file rooms "FILE ROOM_DALLAS OPC1" and "FILE ROOM_DALLAS OPC2". Note: The "_", underscore is used to insure that these locations sort after the regular file room locations. Two locations for each file room would be created based on terminal digit of SSN or identifier (non-file #2 PATIENT) similar to the regular file rooms. Note: These locations will print on the same schedule as regular file rooms. Either set up separate reports to print these locations or utilize reports defined in step #3 above and alter the ending location to include these locations. 5. On each report, set the field #3, FILE ROOM REPORT, in the field #2, REPORT NAME, multiple to "YES". The cumulative software will check when attempting to print a cumulative for a location that contains the name "FILE ROOM" the following. If field #17 is set to "YES" and the report being run is not set to "YES" for field #3, FILE ROOM REPORT, then it will skip running the cumulative for that location. This is to prevent another report which may print locations "A" thru "Z" from printing the file rooms unintentionally. Related fields used in conjunction with this feature are: # 4 FILE ROOM #16 FILE ROOM REPORT DATE # 1 ALTERNATE FILE ROOM in the #6 SEPARATE REPORT LOCATION multiple. # 3 FILE ROOM REPORT in the #2 REPORT NAME multiple.

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