This file is used to define whether or not your site will be generating interim reports of patient lab values and to what locations these reports will be sent or routed. Interim reports are defined as hard copy print- outs of a patient's test results which are generated between the times that the permanent chart copy (cumulative) is printed and made available. The entries in the fields of this file also let you determine whether or not to generate these interim reports automatically upon verification of the results in the lab, and specify the device (printer) for any of the reports to print on at a given location. NOTE: In order to have ANY location receive automatically generated interims, you must fill in the field 'Queue verified test(s) notice' in the LABORATORY SITE file (#69.9) with 'YES'.
.01location(+)0;1POINTER44BThis is the ward or clinic that will be receiving interim reports.
1immediately transmit results0;2BOOLEAN1:YES
If this field is yes, all new data when verified will be transmitted to the device identified for the given location.
2interim reporting0;3BOOLEAN1:YES
If this field is yes, the interim reports tasked by TaskMan, will transmit all verified data for the current day appropriate for the location.
3device(+)0;4POINTER3.5ADThe default device to print the interim report on.
4urgency cutoff0;5POINTER62.05This field is used when lab results are verified and immediately reported/printed on a ward. If this field is left blank, all tests of all urgencies will be reported. If an urgency is entered in this field, that urgency along with all higher urgencies will be reported to the ward leaving all lower urgencies not immediately reported.
5location abbreviation0;6FREE TEXT This field contains the printable short name for the location.
6domain name0;7POINTER4.2This field is used to identify the Referring Site.

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