This file holds the re-order quantity for a given HCPCS item at a given LOCATION and STATION.
.01hcpcs(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the HCPCS code
2hcpcs item(+)0;2NUMERICThis field is a pointer to the HCPCS ITEM sub-file (661.12) of the PROSTHETIC HCPCS file (661.1). ********* S I T E I N T E G R A T O R S B E W A R E ********* It is defined as free text as FM does not allow sub-file pointers to be defined explicitly.
3station(+)0;3POINTER4This field is a pointer to the INSTITUTION file (4).
4re-order quantity0;4NUMERICThis field is the re-order quantity for a HCPCS item at a Station and is used to drive reports which alert sites to the need to re-order.
5quantity on order0;5NUMERICThis field is the current quantity on order for a HCPCS Item at a Station. It is used to inform sites that although a stock item might be below the proscribed re-order level, orders have been placed to re-stock. A distinction should be made on low stock warning type reports between the situation where the current on-hand quantity + on-order quantity is below the re-order level, and that where it is not. This field will be updated for any receipt or order type transaction recorded in the PROSTHETIC INVENTORY TRANSACTION file (661.6):- for receipt type transactions subtract the receipt quantity, for order type transactions add the order quantity.
7location(+)0;7POINTER661.5CThis field is a pointer to the Prosthetic Stock Location file (661.5).

Not Referenced