This file contains VAF 10-2529-3 Work Order information that will be stored for AMIS calculations. This file will only be updated if the facility has an active Prosthetic Lab.
.01work order number(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the permanent number used to identify and track the Lab request. It is built from both information the user enters and a sequence number assigned by the computer (e.g., 644-95-2-O-0016). 644 = Station Number 95 = Fiscal Year 2 = Quarter O = Type of Laboratory (Orthotic, Restoration, Shoe Last, Wheelchair Repair, National Foot Center, or Denver Distribution Center)
1appliance/repair0;2POINTER660CPointer to associated RECORD OF PROS APPLIANCE/REPAIR entry in file #660.
1.5station0;3POINTER4This field is a pointer to the INSTITUTION file (#4). If a site is multidivisional, entries are screened out by site number.
1.7job number0;4NUMERICThis is a job number, which may be between 1 and 999. Each job number is associated withan item on the 2529-3. The numbers are not entered by the user, but set in the background in the lab routines.
1.8date0;5DATE-TIMEThis is the DATE the Lab Work Order was entered.
2materials used1;0MULTIPLE664.22Contains components required to complete the fabricated item. May be the fabricated item if the item was taken from stock.
4est. shipping charge0;6NUMERICThis is the estimated shipping cost for delivery of item(s) on VAF 10-2421.
5actual shipping charge0;7NUMERICThis is the actual shipping cost for delivery of item(s) on VAF 10-2421.
6referral station0;8POINTER4This is the Station Name or Station Number of the facility that is referring the VAF 10-2529-3 to a Prosthetic Laboratory.
7work for other station0;9SET OF CODES1:OTHER STATION
Prosthetic Laboratories processing a Work Order for another facility should enter a `1` in order to get the appropriate AMIS credit. The referring facility receives the administrative AMIS credit, and the facility processing the Work Order receives the laboratory AMIS credit.
8date completed0;10DATE-TIMEThis is the date that the Item/Job on the Lab Work Order was completed.
9completed by0;11POINTER200This is the name of the person who completed the Item/Job.
10date measured0;5DATE-TIMEThis is the date that the Lab Technician measured or fitted the patient for the items/services requested on the Lab Work Order.
11checked by0;12POINTER200This is the name of the person checking the completed item/service requested on the Lab Work Order for quality control monitoring.
12remarks3;0WORD-PROCESSINGAdditional comments noted on the Lab Work Order.

Referenced by 3 types

  1. RECORD OF PROS APPLIANCE/REPAIR (660) -- work order number
  2. PROSTHETICS 1358 (664) -- work order number
  3. PROSTHETIC 2529-3 (664.1) -- no count work order