This file holds the list of parameters which can change the operation of the prosthetics package at a site. It should be noted that these parameters are generally copied into a local variable when entering the prosthetics program. This means that, in general, a change to this file will not take effect until the users currently using the package leave the prosthetics system and come back into it again. This file may have one or more entries. During the installation process, some of the parameters for the first site may be set for you. Never edit or delete the AMIS GROUPER field. Never delete an entry in this file, only edit it.
.01site name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe site name can be either uppercase, or a combination of upper and lower. This is the name of your Medical Center, and should be entered the way you would like to have it print on your forms. For example: Carl T. Hayden VAMC.
1station0;2POINTER4CThis is your station number.
1.1ifcap site4;1FREE TEXTThis field should contain the current IFCAP site location.
2automated inventory (gip)(+)0;3BOOLEAN1:YES
When you first install Prosthetics, this should be set to no. When you are ready to start using the inventory package, you should change this to yes.
3phone number0;4FREE TEXTThis field stores the phone number of Prosthetics. This phone number will print on all 2421 forms. 24 spaces are allotted for phone number which should allow for entry of both area code and a four digit extension, if desired.
4street add1(+)2;2FREE TEXTThis should be the street address of your Prosthetics Service, or the address you would like printed on your forms.
5city(+)2;3FREE TEXTThis is the city to go with the STREET ADD1 field. This is the city of your Prosthetics Service.
6state(+)2;4POINTER5Pointer to the State file #5.
7zip code(+)2;5FREE TEXTThis is the zip code to go with the street address and city.
7.1manager comment6;1FREE TEXTThis comment will display on GUI Purchasing Page.
8chief sig block(+)2;6FREE TEXTThis is the name of the Fund Control Point Official that signs.
8.1purchasing agent5;0MULTIPLE669.9003This is a list of persons who are allowed to serve as purchasing agents for prosthetics.
8.5signature block title2;1FREE TEXTSignature Block Title is used to describe the Prosthetics Service as a P&SAS or PTC.
9purchasing device0;5POINTER3.5This is the device all VAF 10-2421s and 10-55's will be printed on.
10common numbering series4;2POINTER442.6This is the Numbering Series given by Fiscal so each PO # will be unique.
11grouper counter0;7NUMERICGROUPER COUNTER is used in the calculation of AMIS reports both in Purchasing and Issue from Stock Modules. This field should NEVER BE CHANGED!
12dvn ip address3;1FREE TEXTThis is the IP address for the Delivery Verification Notice DVN for the Patient Notificatio Cards.
13dvn file directory3;2FREE TEXTThis is the System File Directory name that is given by the local IRM. The instructions for the file directory set up are in the Installation Guide for RMPR*3.0*125
14dvn sftp username3;3FREE TEXTThis is the sftp User name that will be given to the sites and entered into the first site in the list when using the SS Enter/Edit Station Site Parameters option.
15art limbs psc amount2;7NUMERICWhen a 10-2520 is issued, certain dollar limits are set for artifical limbs.
16wheelchair psc amount2;8NUMERICWhen a 10-2520 is issued, certain dollar limits are set for wheelchairs.
17braces psc amount2;9NUMERICWhen a 10-2520 is issued, certain dollar limits are set for braces.
18blind aids psc amount2;10NUMERICWhen a 10-2520 is issued, certain dollar limits are set for blind aids.
19suspense purge(+)0;8NUMERICThis is the number of days for the suspense records to remain in the file once they have been completed.
20close-out purchasing purge(+)0;9NUMERICThis is the number of days to keep old transactions in the file. It is recommended that this be set to 120 days. days.
21cancellation purchasing purge(+)0;10NUMERICThis is the number of days to keep transactions that have been cancelled. It is recommended that this be set to 120 days.
22prosthetics clinic1;0MULTIPLE669.922
27orthotic lab deviceDEV;2POINTER3.5This is an optional entry. If a device name is entered, it will be the device the 2529-3s will print on for the Orthostics Lab. If the field is left null the user will be prompted to enter a device.
28restoration clinic deviceDEV;3POINTER3.5Entry of a DEVICE is optional. If a device name is entered, the device will print 2529-3s for the Restoration Clinic. If the field is null, the users will be prompted to enter a device.
29shoe last clinic deviceDEV;4POINTER3.5This is th e device that will print the 2529-3 for the Shoe Last Clinic. If the field is null, the user will be prompted to enter the device.
30wheelchair repair shop deviceDEV;5POINTER3.5This is the device that will print the 2529-3s for the Wheelchair Repair Shop. If this field is null, the user will be asked to enter the device.
This field turns on the lab module. The Labs are on if ths field is set to 'yes'.
32orthotics lab activated?0;11BOOLEAN1:YES
This field will contain a 1 if the Orthotics Lab has been activated at this station.
33restoration lab activated?0;12BOOLEAN1:YES
A '1' in this field indicates that Restoration Clinic has been activated at this station.
34routing number0;13FREE TEXTThis field is the mail routing symbol, which is printed on purchasing forms. The mail routing symbol '121' is being replaced by the value entered in this field.
35inventory deviceINV;1POINTER3.5This is a device that will print a Notification letter for Items below the re-order level.
37notification dateINV;3DATE-TIMEThis is the date that a taskman job runs for the Notification letter.
38hq mail addressINV;4FREE TEXTThis is an exchange address for HQ personnel who will receive the PIP reports.
39hq report dateINV;5DATE-TIMEDate when PIP report was ran for HQ.
40visnINV;2NUMERICThis is the VISN where this station belong to.
50pce start datePCE;1DATE-TIMEPCE START DATE is the starting date and time the background job runs.
51pce end datePCE;2DATE-TIMEPCE END DATE is the date and time the PCE background job finish to completion.
52pce hospital locationPCE;3POINTER44This is a pointer to Hopital Location file (#44), a clinic, where prosthetics outpatient encounter is scheduled.
60home oxygen prescriptionRMPORXN;0MULTIPLE669.9001
61home oxygen fund control pointRMPOFCP;0MULTIPLE669.961This field contains the fund control points used by home oxygen.
62home oxygen vendorRMPOVDR;0MULTIPLE669.962This field contains the vendors that supply devices and services for home oxygen.
65home oxygen letterRMPOLET;0MULTIPLE669.965This field contains the letter types that are sent to patient receiving home oxygen.
70ho letter 1 listRMPOXBAT1;0MULTIPLE669.9002List of all patients who get Home Oxygen letter 1.
72ho letter 2 listRMPOXBAT2;0MULTIPLE669.972List of all patients who get Home Oxygen letter 2.
74ho letter 3 listRMPOXBAT3;0MULTIPLE669.974List of all patient who get Home Oxygen letter 3.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. PROSTHETICS PATIENT (665) -- home oxygen contract location