This is a nationally controlled file. This file contains information used to predict what the journal date, volume and issue will be for the issue for the title about to be checked-in.
.01sequence code(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field requires the entry of one alpha character and 4 numbers, in the form of A1111, to identify and place the prediction pattern in a coherent scheme of patterns. The alpha characters identify the underlying frequency, such as 'A' for monthly, 'K' for 8 times per year, etc. The numbers place the prediction pattern in the proper sequence within its frequency type according to months, days, number of volumes, etc., according to a predetermined format for the PREDICTION PATTERN NAME. This file and all its accompanying fields are available for editing only under the National Library Files Maintenance option on FORUM.
1month0;3FREE TEXTThis field allows the input of the month or months involved in the construction of the specific prediction pattern.
2wom/dow3;1FREE TEXTThis field is to create a pattern for those serials titles which are issued on a certain day of the week for a certain week of the month, for example, Friday of the third week. This field can handle more than one week; for example, you could have a title issued the first and third Fridays; the notation would be 1/5, 3/5. Days of the week are indicated by 0=Sunday through 6=Saturday.
3days added0;4NUMERICThis field is used when a serials title is ussed every so many days, for instance, every 21 days. In such a case, the value of 21 would be placed in this field.
4volume increment2;1FREE TEXTThis field allows the volume field to be incremented at the month designated by the CHANGE MONTH field. If the volume number increases by 1 at each CHANGE MONTH, the value in this field should be +1.
5issue change2;3FREE TEXTThis field will be used on all computed JOURNAL DATES other than the first JOURNAL DATE during the CHANGE MONTH. The issue should be incremented by the amount stated in this field if the entry has a '+' as the first character.
6change month2;4FREE TEXTThis field is for the input of the months at which the volume numbers increase, the values input from 1 to 12. For instance, if a monthly serials title has two volumes per year, changing in January and July, the CHANGE MONTH value should be: 1,7.
7day-of-month0;5FREE TEXTIf a serials title is always dated with a specific day of the month, that day whould be entered here. More than one day can be entered. A serials title which is always issued and dated on the third and fifteenth would have the value of: 3,15.
8prediction pattern description1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a word-processing field to fully describe the pattern established with the fields in this file in plain English.
9issue increment2;2FREE TEXTThis field will be used on the first computed JOURNAL DATE during the CHANGE MONTH. The ISSUE will be set to the number in this field if the number does not start with a '+"; otherwise add the number to the last ISSUE.
10prediction pattern name0;2FREE TEXTCThis field allows the creator of the prediction pattern to give the pattern a name following a set of conventions designed by the Togus editors of the Prediction Pattern File. Pattern names include (1) the number of times per time period that the serials is issued, (2) the number of volumes per year, (3) the months when the volumes start, and (4) whether the issues reset to 1 when the volume number changes or not.

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  1. TITLE AUTHORITY (680.5) -- prediction pattern