DEFINES THE LOAD/WORK LIST TO BE MADE FROM THE ACCESSION LIST The ^LRO(68.2,LRINST,10,LRPROF,1,"AO",TEST) = ORDER X-ref is setup by BUILD^LRLLP4 and holds the order to print the tests on the load/work list.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBName of the load or work list.
.02load transform0;2POINTER62.07This entry controls the algorithm for placing work on the list. Inquire to the EXECUTE CODES file (Loadlist types) for specifics. Leave this blank unless you want more sophisticated placement.
Determines if this list is a sequence/batch, tray,cup or Point of Care (POC) type of load/work list.
.04cups per tray(+)0;4NUMERICContains number of cups per tray if a tray,cup type. If you are using Sequence/Batch enter a Zero (0)
.05full tray's only(+)0;5BOOLEAN0:NO
If you want to accept full trays only set this field to YES.
.06expand panels on print0;6BOOLEAN0:NO
If you want test panels expanded to display all tests when printed, this field must contain YES.
.07initial setup0;7POINTER62.07This code would be used each time a load or work list is built for the first time after it has been "cleared". "Special" initialization may be customized through the EXECUTE CODE chosen.
Determines the method of verification for this list.
.09suppress sequence #0;9BOOLEAN0:NO
"YES" will suppress the sequence # listing.
.1include uncollected accessions0;10BOOLEAN0:NO
This field is used to tell the load list routine whether to include (if set to YES) ALL accessions that have the tests in the profile, or (if set to NO) only accessions that have ARRIVED in the lab.
.11short test list0;11BOOLEAN0:NO
If this field contains "YES" a short test list will be generated.
.12auto micro edit template0;13POINTER62.07 Select Execute Code to be associated with this Load/worklist.
.14wkld methodSUF;1POINTER64.2This field will be used as default response when setting up WKLD code during verification. This field updated after the technologist confirm the method for this particular verification session. The name and suffix number are automatically stuff for the user.
.15wkld code method nameSUF;2FREE TEXT The field should contain the subsection which should receive credit for workload any time a user selects this worklist.
.16wkld code suffixSUF;3FREE TEXT This field indicates what is the standard default method used by this particular LOAD/WORK LIST. This suffix is appended to prefix or procedure wkld code for each test verified.
1major accession areaSUF;7POINTER68 This field contains the major accession area which should recieve the workload credit. Anytime a user selects this worklist the entry will be used to tally workload. NOTE: THIS FIELD IS ASSOCIATED WITH WORKLOAD.
1.5lab subsectionSUF;8POINTER68 This is the next level down from the Major Accession area. An example might be, chemistry is the major accession area and Sp chemistry would be the lab subsection.
1.7work areaSUF;9POINTER68 This is the lowest level of work distribution. Generally this would indicate the work bench where the work is to be done. An example might be Chemistry (major accession area), Sp Chemistry (lab sub section) and Drug screens (work area). Note: The default for, major accession area, lab sub section and work area is the entry above it. The order is as follows: Major accession area Default is the accession area of the test. Lab Subsection Default is the Major accession area. Work Area Default is the Lab Subsection. If none of these fields are filled in, then the default answer for all is the accession area of the test. This means the reports will not be broken down into separate areas for any management reports.
2run or tray number1;0MULTIPLE68.21All data in this multiple field is computer generated.
11date of setup2;1DATE-TIMEThe date the load/work list was created is stored here.
12first tray2;2NUMERICThe first tray built on the last "build" is stored here.
13starting cup2;3NUMERICThe starting cup (or sequence number) on the last "build" is stored here.
14last tray2;4NUMERICThe last tray built on the last "build" is stored here.
15last cup2;5NUMERICThe last cup (or sequence number) on the last "build" is stored here.
30building in progress3;1BOOLEAN0:NO
While the load list is being built, the program sets this flag to YES. At the completion of building, this flag is returned to NO. The purpose is to keep multiple users from competing for the same load list at the same time. If the flag is left set, set to NO to continue building load lists.
50profile10;0MULTIPLE68.23Only ONE load or work list can exist at a time. But more than one profile can be defined to make "alternate" groupings of tests for the load/worklist which might be used on an infrequent or non-standard basis.
51user access authorization0;12POINTER19.1If left blank, any lab person may access this load/worklist. If filled in only lab person holding the authorization may use this load/worklist.
52additional lab tests4;0MULTIPLE68.3 To used for any additional WKLD codes used for this particular W/L.

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  1. AUTO INSTRUMENT (62.4) -- load/work list