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Consolidated Memoranda of Receipt in use at your facility. Basic instrument for establishing accountability for non-expendable equipment.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBName of CMR.
.5service0;5POINTER49EService to which this CMR is assigned.
.6brief description0;8FREE TEXTA means for sites to briefly describe the purpose of this CMR, if they find it useful to do so.
1responsible official0;2POINTER200CEmployee currently responsible for items on this CMR.
2phone (resp official)0;3FREE TEXT
3last reconciled0;4DATE-TIMEDate on which this CMR was last reconciled with centralized non-expendable equipment records (Log 1 or ISMS).
Intent of this field is to provide a means of flagging equipment purchased and maintainable with research funds. Please enter 'YES' if and only if this is a research CMR.
5station number0;7FREE TEXTStation number of the facility that owns the assets in this CMR. For example, if this CMR is for a national cemetery which is seviced by a VAMC then the entry in this field should be the station number of the national cemetery. Entries must match an entry in the ALTERNATE STATION NUMBER field (multiple) of the Eng Init Parameters File (#6910).
6it tracking0;9BOOLEAN1:YES
If a CMR has IT TRACKING set to YES, the equipment on that Equipment Inventory List (EIL) can be edited using options on the IT Equipment Module menu. Additionally, all equipment on such EILs will be expected to be assigned to individual IT owners.
10cost centerCOMPUTED
20alternate responsible official20;1POINTER200DA person authorized to act for the RESPONSIBLE OFFICIAL. This is an optional data element to be used at the discretion of each facility.
30days between returns1;1NUMERICThis is the maximum number of days before an equipment item must be returned to be serviced and physically inventoried.
31loan form phone1;2FREE TEXTThis is the telephone number to be called concerning loan forms for equipment on this CMR.

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