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File of Funds appropriate for capitalized non-expendable (NX) equipment. This file should not be locally modified.
.01nx fund code(+)0;1FREE TEXTBFund code.
1brief description(+)0;2FREE TEXTCText description of fund code.
2revovling fund?0;3BOOLEAN0:NO
If REVOLVING FUND? is YES, then BEG_BUDGET_FY must be 94 when transmitting documents to FAP.
3abbreviation0;4FREE TEXTAbbreviation for the fund that could be used to further identify the .01 field when there is not room for the fullfund description.
4deactivated date0;5DATE-TIMEAs of the date entered in this field, new FA or FR Documents can't be sent to Fixed Assets (Austin) with this FUND.
5associated fund0;6FREE TEXTEThis field can be used to link an inventory fund in this file with an associated acquisition fund when the first four characters of the associated funds are dissimilar. For example, this field provides a means to associate acquisition funds that start with 0160 (i.e. 0160A1, etc.) with the corresponding inventory fund AMAFMC by entering "0161" in this field for fund AMAFMC. This field is used when the system automatically populates the FUND field in the equipment file based on information from a purchase order/receiving report.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. EQUIPMENT INV. (6914) -- fund
  2. FR DOCUMENT LOG (6915.6) -- new fund