File of FR documents sent to Fixed Assets. This file should not be locally modified.
.01equipment record(+)0;1POINTER6914BThis field holds the internal entry number from file 6914 for the piece of capitalized NX equipment that an FR document was sent for.
1date/time created(+)0;2DATE-TIMEDThis is the date and time that the FR document was prepared.
1.5sender(+)0;3POINTER200This is the person who created the FR document using the Equipment Entry option.
2segment 1 id(+)1;1FREE TEXTThis is the Segment 1 ID for the FR document, usually it will be CTL.
3source system(+)1;2FREE TEXTThis is the source system for the FR document, ususally RMM.
4destination system(+)1;3FREE TEXTThis is the system where the FR document is going, usually FMS.
5submitting station(+)1;4FREE TEXTThis is the station number of the site that is submitting this FR document.
6transaction class(+)1;5FREE TEXTThis is the class of document being sent to FMS. It is usually DOC, to represent a document transaction.
7transaction code(+)1;6FREE TEXTThis tells FMS what kind of document is being sent. FR for an FR document.
8sec1 code(+)1;7FREE TEXTThis is the Security 1 code of the submitting Administration/Staff office. VHR=10, VBR=20, and NCS=40.
9batch number(+)1;8FREE TEXTThis is the batch number of the FR document being sent. Currently set to six spaces.
10transaction number(+)1;9FREE TEXTThis is the transaction number for this FR document. It consists of the station number_the last digit of the fiscal year_N_the 4 digit sequential number.
11transaction date(+)1;10FREE TEXTThis is the date the FR document was created in YYYYMMDD format.
12transaction time(+)1;11FREE TEXTThis is the time the FR document was created in HHMMSS format.
13sequence number(+)1;12FREE TEXTThis is the transaction part sequence number. Should always be 001.
14sequence total(+)1;13FREE TEXTThis is the total number of transaction parts. Should always be 001.
15version(+)1;14FREE TEXTThis is the RMES/MERS-FMS interface version. Should always be 001.
16segment 2 id(+)2;1FREE TEXTThis is the segment identifier for segment 2. Should always be DOC.
20segment 3 id(+)3;1FREE TEXTThis is the segment identifier for the the FR1 segment. Should always be FR1.
21trans code(+)3;2FREE TEXTThis is the Trans code for the FR1 segment. Should always be FR.
22trans division(+)3;3FREE TEXTThis is the Security 1 code. VHA=10, VBA=20, NCS=40.
23trans number(+)3;4FREE TEXTCThis is the transaction number for this FR document. It consists of the station number_the last digit of the fiscal year_N_the 4 digit sequential number.
24fixed asset number(+)3;5FREE TEXTThe fixed asset number consists of the submitting station_the 2 digit satelite station number (or 2 spaces if no satellite)_the internal entry number of the asset from file 6914.
25fixed asset type(+)3;6FREE TEXTThis is the FA TYPE field from the NX SGL file for this particular Standard General Ledger account.
26new fa group3;7FREE TEXTThis is the fixed asset group at the new facility.
27beg budget fy3;8FREE TEXTThis is the beginning budget fiscal year.
28new fund (text)(+)3;9FREE TEXTThis is the new fund at the new facility.
29new a/o (text)(+)3;10FREE TEXTThis is the new division at the new facility.
30new owning station3;11FREE TEXTThis is the new station number of the owning facility.
31new xprogram(+)3;12FREE TEXTThis is the ACC, obtained from IFCAP. If unavailable, '000000000' will be used instead.
32new boc (text)3;13FREE TEXTThis is the new Budget Object Code at the new facility.
33new location3;14FREE TEXTThis is the new location at the new facility.
34new cost org3;15FREE TEXTThis is the new cost center at the new facility.
35new sub org3;16FREE TEXTNew satellite station number suffix.
36new satellite station3;17FREE TEXTSatellite designator for consolidated facilities.
37new xarea3;18FREE TEXTContains the equipment's new CMR value (external) sent on the FR Document to update the XAREA data element on the Fixed Assets/FMS system. Derived from the NEW CMR (#105) field which updates both the Fixed Assets system and the CMR (#19) field of the EQUIPMENT INV (#6914) file.
100new category stock number100;1POINTER6917Used to derive FA GROUP .
101new fund(+)100;2POINTER6914.6Financial classification of appropriation (based on line of business).
102new administrative/office(+)100;3POINTER6914.7New A/O (10 for VHA, 20 for VBA, etc.).
103new fund control point100;4FREE TEXTUsed to derive the ACC (field #31). Free text required because Fund Control Points are subject to change.
104new boc100;5POINTER6914.4Value to be recorded in FAP and AEMS/MERS.
105new cmr100;6POINTER6914.1Basis for LOCATION (as in department locator). CMRs that are assigned to a station other than the owning station for this asset are unacceptable. A change of this kind will require you to enter an FD document, then edit the CMR, and then enter an FA document.
106*new cost center100;7POINTER420.1This field is no longer used to obtain the new cost center value. Instead the cost center is computed based on the CMR (EIL).
107asset value100;8NUMERICAsset value at time document processed.
301a.v. date300;1DATE-TIMEAVThis field contains the date/time when an Adjustment Voucher was created. If blank, then an Adjustment Voucher has not yet been created for the FR Document. An Adjustment Voucher is used to notify Fiscal about a selected FAP Document.
302a.v. created by300;2POINTER200User that created adjustment voucher.
303a.v. reason300;3POINTER6915.11
310a.v. comments301;0WORD-PROCESSING

Not Referenced