Classification scheme for non-expendable equipment.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBTen digit number assigned centrally under the direction of Acquisition and Materiel Management. First four digits indicate the Federal Supply Classification. Hyphen after the first four digits is for readability only.
1life expectancy0;2NUMERICEstimated useful life of this particular type of equipment under normal conditions.
2brief description0;3FREE TEXTCShort verbal description. Useful in selecting the Category Stock Number that best describes a particular piece of equipment.
3special handling code0;4SET OF CODES0:Auto Data Process Equip
1:Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
2:Audio Visual Equip
3:Print & Repro Equip
Indicates that the Category Stock Number in question is subject to special reporting requirements. This data element was explicitly added to DHCP in the summer of 1991. '0' indicates COMPUTERS (ADP/WP); '1' indicates CCTV (CLOSED CIRCUIT TV); '2' indicates AUDIOVISUAL (OTHER THAN CCTV); and '3' indicates PRINTING AND REPRODUCTION. Numbers '4' thru '9' are reserved. '1' indicates CCTV (CLOSED CIRCUIT TV) '2' indicates AUDIOVISUAL (OTHER THAN CCTV) '3' indicates PRINTING & REPRODUCTION.
4nomenclature1;0WORD-PROCESSINGComplete verbal description of the Category Stock Number.
5sku0;5POINTER420.5Store keeping unit. Possible future use.
6fsc code0;6POINTER441.2Federal supply classification code. Normally the first four digits of the category stock number.
7account0;7FREE TEXTPossible future use.
8subaccount0;8POINTER420.2Possible future use.
9item name code0;9FREE TEXTPossible future use.
10date activated2;1DATE-TIMEDate this entry became viable. Possible future use.
11activated by2;2POINTER200Individual who activated this entry. Possible future use.
12date deactivated2;3DATE-TIMEDate this entry was removed from active the active list. Possible future use.
13deactivated by2;4POINTER200Person who deactivated this entry. Possible future use.
14date last edited2;5DATE-TIMEDate of last edit. To be populated automatically. Future use.
15edited by2;6POINTER200Person who made last edit. To be populated automatically. Future use.
16vendor3;0MULTIPLE6917.016Active vendors for items of this type. Possible future use.

Referenced by 3 types

  1. EQUIPMENT INV. (6914) -- category stock number
  2. FC DOCUMENT LOG (6915.4) -- category stock number
  3. FR DOCUMENT LOG (6915.6) -- new category stock number