A list of functional sections within Engineering Service.
.001section number11Engineering shop number. Must be in the range of 1 thru 999. Numbers 90 thru 99 are reserved for use as receiving areas. service requests.
.01engineering section(+)0;1FREE TEXTBEngineering Shop or Receiving Area for electronic work orders. Receiving Areas should be numbered so that they end with 90 thru 99, inclusive (ex: 90,91,190,295, etc.). Working shops should not be given numbers within the range reserved for Receiving Areas.
1abbreviation(+)0;2FREE TEXTCOne, two, or three characters that identify the shop. Included in computer generated work order numbers. Must be unique for each shop.
2device0;3POINTER3.5The device to be used for automatic printing of new work orders, if that ENGINEERING SOFTWARE OPTION has been selected.
3pm month1;0MULTIPLE6922.03Keeps track of man-hours spent on preventive maintenance. Data is uploaded automatically via the PM Closeout software.
4ask condition code0;4SET OF CODES0:NEVER
1:WHEN VALUE > $4999.99
This field will be checked during close out of the shop's equipment work orders to determine if the equipment's CONDITION CODE should be asked. (0) NEVER - Condition code will not be asked. (1) WHEN VALUE > $4999.99 - Condition code will be asked if the equipment's acquisition value is greater than $4999.99. (2) ALWAYS - Condition code will be asked.
5expanded work order closeout0;5BOOLEAN0:NO
This field determines the input template that will be used during close out of the shop's work orders. If this field is set to YES then template ENWOBIOCLSE (or ENZWOBIOCLSE) will be used. Otherwise template ENWOCLOSE (or ENZWOCLOSE) will be used. The ENWOBIOCLSE template is traditionally used by Biomed shops. It contains several additional prompts for equipment related data fields.

Referenced by 4 types

  1. ENG INIT PARAMETERS (6910) -- temporary work order section, incoming inspection section, equipment turn-in section
  2. EQUIPMENT INV. (6914) -- y2k assigned shop
  3. WORK ORDER # (6920) -- shop
  4. ENG EMPLOYEE (6929) -- shop